Why the hell wasn't I banned?

The staff says it isn’t, and they’re the ones who would have to fulfill it. I think it’s an unreasonable request because it’s obviously a waste of time, even if it’s not a lot of time.


While I realize you are the center of the universe, let me try to explain what the mods and admins are facing. There are 322,000 threads, 7,00,000 posts and 67,000 members on this board that they are responsible for. Now, while you don’t think it is silly that they should take two hours of their time to respond to a request you made to play at being banned, they might feel their time is better spent, especially when you consider that as was suggested above you just pretend to be banned by yourself. That way you don’t have to waste anyone else’s time.

It’s the pit. Get used to it.

Hey Cryptoderk, words to live by
Yelling at the mods is like shaking your fist at God. There’s no one there.
And if there is someone there they’re not listening.
And if they are listening, all you’re doing is pissing them off

PALATR is more appropriate.

Your point being?

Why do you want to allow lions at the roundabout? :confused: They can’t drive, you know.

To keep traffic moving. Are you going to bewilderedly slow down when there’s a hungry lion gazing at you from two feet away?

This is got to be one of the silliest requests I have ever heard. You want a mod to waste their time to ban you for two hours, so you can “see how it feels?” Wouldn’t knowing that you haven’t done anything to get banned, and knowing that you’re not really banned, kind of negate any “banned feeling”?

What a strange request.

Oh, by the way, I’ll take a sammich and a footrub, too! :slight_smile:

They put children in prison for a day to see how it feels, and it seems to work. It isn’t the same thing, but it’s a good simulation.

OK, I just read the thread in question, and I don’t get your problem. You were not told to “fuck off”; in fact, everyone was quite polite, although they did joke about it, undoubtedly because it was such an odd request. Frankly, Crypto, I think you’re making up outrage where there is none. And if you can’t handle this level of easy-going joking, I suggest you stay off the internet.

OK, now that was funny. :smiley:

Also, as long as sammich and footrubs are being given out, I want in on it! Unless the sammich has bologna, I hate bologna. And if you have sweaty hands, I’ll pass on the footrub. You know what? Maybe I’m better off without the sammich and footrub. Forget I ever said anything. :wink:

What, you started a thread about it here and expected us not to comment on it?

I didn’t mean anyone was rude, I was just swearing becasue this is the pit.

No, I don’t mean you shouldn’t care, care about whatever you like - I mean it’s not germane to the discussion

What the hell kind of sammich is a DNFTT? :confused:

If I gave you money to cover the costs of seeds and fertilizer, would you stuff them in your ears and try to grow a brain?

Why would the lights be on if nobody is home, anyway?

We like to operate under the illusion that our members are responsible adults. Please don’t shatter our hopes and dreams - we couldn’t take it.

Certainly, madame! Oh, I see you’re not a Charter Member. Well, I’m afraid you don’t have gold clubhouse privileges, and you won’t be able to throw rotten tomatoes at Giraffe. However, we do have some fresh lettuce leaves that you may throw at him instead.

This has to be a whoosh.

Either that or he’s actually either a) sufficiently self-involved that his own ego forms a gravitational pull and is, even as we speak, altering the orbit of the Earth, Sun and other members of the solar system or b) far too dumb to function in a rational sane, society.

Not sure I care which of the three options it is, though. Well maybe a little bit about column A - but that’s only because I don’t relish the prospect that the gravitational field from his ego might actually do some damage.

P.S. I’d love a nice chicken-salad sandwich, if you’d be so kind :slight_smile: I even promise to bake cookies to go with it and offer reciprocal foot rubbing. Aren’t I sweet?