Why the Jews? The answer at www.aish.com

The shocking answer for “Why the Jews” is at the website

under search type in “Why the Jews”

Two superb books on the Topic of Anti-Semitism

The Anguish of the Jews by Edward Flannery
and “Our Hands are Stained with Blood” by Michael L. Brown

Why did you post this in the General Questions forum?

Jeesh, not this a@@wipe again!

I’m going to hunt down his previous inappropriate GQ posting, an obnoxious fanboy screed in favor of the long-dead and not generally lamented extremist Jewish settlement activist Meier Kahane – yet another a@@wipe, if you ask me. :rolleyes:

Be back in a few… in the meantime, “Yo! Mods! Check it out, this guy’s back posting his drivel in GQ! Can we get a cleanup crew for Aisle 3, please!”

Ach, I give up. It didn’t turn up in searches on “GarfieldFan,” “Meir Kahane” (this time I spelled it correctly), or “Israel”. But it was definitely the same guy, and not so long ago. Anybody else remember this yahoo?

The only other thread originated by GarfieldFan is this disturbing, locked thread.

** GarfieldFan**, you need to take a good look at the forum descriptions here. The General Questions forum is only for questions with factual answers. Witnessing and religious debates belong in the Great Debates forum.

The Scrivener, insults are not permitted in GQ. If you have a problem with another poster, take it to the BBQ Pit. “Yahoo” is an insult. “Asswipe” is still an insult no matter how you try to hide it.

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