Why the name "pigs" might have started.

I was driving down the street the other day when a car crossed the intersection ahead that looked like a black and white without the logo on the door. I’ll swear the first thing that jumped into my mind was, “That looks like a Hampshire hog.”

For you city folks this isa Hampshire hog.

By the way, I hereby claim title to the most mundane and pointless post on MPSIMS this month.

I always thought it was because they were stereotypically sitting around eating donuts.

I’ve heard cops are called “Poulet” (chicken) in France.

Perhaps designating police officers as animals is a world-wide phenomenon.

If memory serves me, the use of the term pigs to reference police officers began in the 1960s. One school of thought was that the riot police wore gas masks that made them resemble pigs. Another is that the term derived from George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, where the pigs ran the farm and took away the other animals’ liberties.

I know that “pigs” didn’t originate because of the white band around a black vehicle. It was just a mundane, pointless thought that crossed my mind.

I save such thoughts to post here on occasion. Sometimes it’s real easy to come up with them because there are days on end when I don’t have any other kind of thought at all.