Why the obssesion with band names?

I can’t understand this. Somebody will say something witty and somebody else will chime in saying “That would make a great band name”. Is it an American thing? :confused:

It started in the newspaper column of American humorist Dave Barry. He first made the joke of a humorous phrase being a “band name!”

Also, this would be better suited for GQ.

Dare I say it?

I don’t know what band names are like in your neck of the woods, Dog80. Here on this side of the pond, though, a huge percentage of indie rock bands have names that sound like nonsense phrases that could only be created with a random band name generator.

Here’s a small sample of real band names from this week’s Cleveland Scene, an alternative weekly newspaper.

New Invisible Joy
Waiting for Evangeline
Still Life Projector
Pigmy Love Circus
Starlite Desperation
Thievery Corporation
Furnace St. Saturday
Ahara ad Jimson Lo-Fi
Atomic Bitchwax
Black Cabbage
Dead Peasant Insurance
Charlie in the Box
Dead Guy
Eek a Mouse
July for Kings
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fast Chester
This Moment in Black History
Forever Falls Tomorrow
Hold Steady and the New Grenada
Circles Over Side Lights
Lobster Clause
Kill Memory Crash

Post a thread with a title that ounds like a North American indie band name, and someone will inevitably chime in with “BAND NAME!”

To expand on what brianjedi said, Barry’s columns would frequently contain passages like “…so Mr. Fernald was now faced with the prospect of 7 angry weasels covered in mustard screaming through his bathroom. And I’d just like to mention here that ‘Screaming Mustard Weasels’ would be a great name for a band.”

The practice spread here, abbreviated to simply quoting the relevant passage and adding “Band name!”

And as you’ll see, you can actually find great band names in virtually any text.

I dunno… are garage bands a uniquely American phenomona?

I think it’s more that, well, a lot of cool names are taken, and if you want a cool band name you need to stand out and have it sound funky. (and at heart, almost every American wants to be a movie star, or a rock star, or president, or filthy rich, or some such… [fight club anybody?])

On a total side note:


Band name!

You don’t really expect me to believe that someone named a band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, right? I mean, July for Kings I can believe, but Lynyrd Skynyrd?

It’s a stupid thing. It annoys the everliving shit out of me. Perhaps it was funny the first hundred times, but now I swear every third thread on the SDMB has some jackass chiming in with “BAND NAME!!!” everytime an incongruous and unusual grouping of words occurs. Dammit, it’s not funny, clever, or original.

Is, too.

I agree with pulykamell, I find it really annoying but then again I find most of these reoccurring ‘in jokes’ to be annoying, ‘1920’s style death rays’ anyone?. I am a bit of a cantankerous old bugger though…

Ah, so it’s a 1920s style cliche ray?

You’re kidding, right? Lynyrd Skynyrd have been an internationally-known band for decades. Ever heard Freebird?

I think that was the joke Shrinking Violet, that he couldn’t believe that the one really famous name wasn’t fake.


One of those days … :rolleyes:

Damn, this is soooooo tempting…

Doh! I know the feeling, here have a nice hot cup of cocoa my dear - I’ll bring some biscuits up shortly. :wink:

And speaking of band names… I’ve had this stuck in my head all fucking day, so I’m going to exorcise it by sharing with all you nice people:

You give love - a band name

No, I think it’s a 1920s style done-to-death ray.


  1. That should have been a … WHOOOOSH!!!

  2. Hey, another band name!

  3. Hi Opal! :smiley: