I just wrote a "Band Name Generator"

Well the title says it all.
Here’s the URL:
Yes it is my website but I am not doing this to generate traffic to my website, which gets plenty of traffic as is.
I just want the opinions of the SDMB members. Let’s face it, aren’t we the Message Board with the keenest intellect, the most discerning judgment and the sharpest sense of humor?
Yes, there have been about a zillion band name threads at the SDMB and each of those threads have about a zillion cites to weird band names, band name generators, etc.
Still, feeling that the band name topic has not been sufficiently done to death, I saw a need and decided to fill it. :smiley:
I just want to know what the Internet cognescenti (i.e. Dopers) thought of this.
Oh, and if the generator displays a name that you find particularly humorous (for example Bitter Casket Brigade), feel free to post it.

How cool! I don’t know if you’re a hero, but that’s certainly nifty.

Frozen Test Pilots wasn’t too bad. A bit macabre for my group, though, considering we play cocktail jazz and standards.

I now want to start a band called “Aberrent Temple Choir.”

Wild Metaphor Quartet. Nice.

Thanks Least Original User Name Ever and Beware of Doug
By the way Doug, it seems your location would make a great band name:
Stuffy Back Bedroom

… but as you said, maybe not appropriate for a cocktail lounge band. :slight_smile:

And thanks GorillaMan and Swampbear

I have a feeling this thread might get very popular.

Left-Handed Pepsi Ensemble – Sounds like a group assembled to write a refutation of Coke’s “I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing.”

Bravo. Now I want to start a band just so we can call ourselves The Meaty Fault Conspiracy.

I love the sound of Brave Surfing Stockbrokers.

Then again, Crispy Artificial Thieves isn’t bad either.

Too bad I don’t have any aspirations to musical greatness whatsoever!

Even Dave Barry himself, I believe, thinks that the whole “band name” joke thing is pretty stale. During the 90s, the heyday of Barry’s writing, the joke of band names made up of random words was much funnier since it was mocking the pop culture of the time. However, more conventional-sounding band names are now back into vogue with indie rock - particularly names beginning with “the,” which would have been seen as quite prosaic during the 90s but have now made a resurgence.

The White Stripes. The Black Keys. The Decemberists. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Thrills. The Killers. The Strokes. Indie rock is bringing “the” band names back into style.

“Third Eye Blind” and “Vertical Horizon” and “Pearl Jam” and “Better Than Ezra” and the whole phenomenon of random words for band names is very 90s.

That thing is smart as hell. My first one is The Boston Sex Dancers. Holy crap! I live in the Boston area and I like sex and sometimes it can resemble dancing. I am so calling up some backup performers.

I liked Freaky Fish Beast

My first effort brought up Bare Mustard Fork. However, that was rapidly bettered by Quicksilver Toupee Party.

I can see this will be a good timewaster.

Brave Sound Force
Kentucky Vulture Party
Screaming Tea Prophecy
Einstein’s Rubber Cult
Random Moose Tragedy
Headless Vegetable Mutiny

Me and the rest of Aberrant Naked Betrayal are avaliable for all occasions!

Though given the name, our makeup costs may be quite high.

Pure Pepsi Death

Sent the link to the friend I’m chatting on IM with – he sent this in return.

I liked this one:
Nocturnal Mildew Corporation

Dancing Naked Mutants could play backup for Barenaked Ladies.

Strawberry Jazz Cheerleaders is my favourite so far … :slight_smile: