I just wrote a "Band Name Generator"

Argent Towers
I appreciate your comments but I feel this topic has not been sufficiently done to death. (see posting #1).
You mentioned humor of this type was au courant for the 1990’s and has since fallen out of favor. Heck, Steve Allen was doing this in the 1960’s !!! (inventing names such as Communist Tugboat and so on). When I latch on to a trend, it’s ancient !! :slight_smile:
Yes, hard as it is for these “kids today” to accept, weird band names were not the exclusive domain of 1990’s bands.
Some bands dating back as far as the 1960’s had names such as the Strawberry Alarm Clock, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, Shocking Blue, Frijid Pink, Fever Tree, Spooky Tooth, etc.
No, I think there will never be an end to whacky band names. (God willing).

Sure, some bands will try to adopt traditional appelations, but the public will realize such bands are only swimming in their own cesspool of smug, supercillious hypocrisy and will then be exposed for the pretentious posers they truly are. (Wow - there’s gotta be a good band name in there someplace. :smiley: )
(… and I hope no one takes that last paragraph seriously).

Blue Pleasant Rebellion is my favorite.

Erm… make that Blue Peasant Rebellion.

No offense, but I like some of the generated band named better if you drop a name.

I just got "Vicious Coalition."

I got Subtle Sex Death. That makes me feel wierd.

Try coming up with a name for a metal band that hasn’t been used already, doesn’t sound ridiculous, makes sense, and people might actually like. We settled on Fatalist, which I thought fit the bill. Too bad that project never went anywhere.

The bass player for the cover band I was in came up with the name Replica, which, for a cover band, is just awesome. That one never played out either. :frowning:

IMO, the best band names come from strange descriptions of the band itself. It would take me quite a while to come up with dozens of examples, but I still hold that belief.

Saturday’s Sex Rebellion

…I like it.

My best two were “Alien Sex Glee Club” and “Dead Sex Dance.”

Insane Sad Dance
Cool. :cool:

Einstein’s Rubber Pressure

Must. Scrub. image. from. brain.

A few favorites:
Rampant Rubber Gravy
Surreal Monkey Brigade
Strange Artificial Symphony

I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with this. Thanks.

Cool! Found a few awesome names here:

Crispy Notorius Band (Yeah, baby. Notoriously crispy!)
Discarded Leather Devils (Great emo twist)
Streaming Shower Glee Club ('nuff said right there)
Green Street Police (Hey, that’s almost normal!)
Angry Gravel Sinners (Sinning … with gravel!)
Strawberry Fold Hammer (That’s almost a double entendre)
Raw Love Demons (Hair band!)
Three Monkey Titans (and we likes us some titanic monkey love)
Left-Handed Summer Ensemble (Lefties unite!)
Bad Clown Service (Kinda like the Insane Clown Posse, except we’ll just get your order wrong and be kinda rude about it)

Dave and myself:

I used to love reading the nightlife ads from the NewTimesLA and the LA Weekly just for the band names. There was one around a dozen years ago frequently performing under the banner “Eek A Mouse!”

Your point is well-taken. You started that thread almost five years ago.

I still contend that the entire “band name” comedy routine is older than the 1990’s and originated with Steve Allen in the 1960’s.
Although this routine has almost been done to death, I do not think we will see it die out anytime soon. Heck, people are still doing parodies of the “Who’s On First ?” routine - including one that has to do with band names.

Promoter: I’ve got a great idea for a rock show - all big name bands.
Producer: All right, who’s on first?
Promoter: That’s right.
Producer: The name of the first band is “That’s Right” ?
Promoter: No, it’s who?
Producer: That’s what I’m asking you !!!


How did you do it? Is it based on a vocabulary of selected words and a random number generator?

Okay, but you know that ‘Pearl Jam’ is not an instance of ‘random words’, right? Think ‘10 cc’ and ‘The Lovin’ Spoonful’.

I’m starting:

Dead Postal Revival

Who’s in?

Best I got so far…

Reborn Skunk Nails
Coffin Cheerleaders (Like Askia, I sometimes delete one word)
Puppet Thieves
Nocturnal Lipstick Pirates

I’m going with

Third Moose Prophecy

Freaky Locomotive Gravy