Band Name Generator v1.0

Ok ok…I’m always seeing Dopers finding new and improved band names within posts and threads. Just ran across this site and figured at least a few of you would enjoy it :smiley: So…ENJOY!

Band Name Generator

If I would have had my contacts in I would have seen that the “Post” and “Preview” buttons actually DO look different, and have different functions.

Anyways, post your favorite generated Band Name TM here if you feel like sharing :slight_smile:

Pork Clamour
Candied Karma (I kinda like that one…)
Underwear Authority
Bloody Loaded
I clicked the tab for Recent Custom Words, under which was the phrase “Jordan Blows.” This resulted in the gem, Jordan Blows Scat. Priceless.
Entering the phrase “cock knocker” came up with some excellent combinations as well.

I clicked that nutty thing about 30 times before I got one I truly loved. Ima call my next electronica/freak-out act Fifth Shroom. :smiley:

I typed in “Cecil” and got:

Cecil Reason and the Post

Here’s a few good ones:

Smegma Astronaut
Gross Carpet
Detox Fashion and the Already Rebirth
Pudgy Girls and the Outer Puncher
Smashing Appliance
Amplified Vitriol (I think this is what I’d call my hypothetical band if I needed a name suggestion in a pinch).

Some more…

Pregnant Step-mom (Nu Punk)
Assuming Yesterday (Prog. Rock)
Smoking Diamond (Rap)
Post-modern Compassion (Emo)
Emperor Atom (Synth Pop)
Orgy Hero (Disco)

But I’ll be taking Hideous Conclusion

The best one I got:

Self-Inflicted Clown

Pygmy Trust and the Twin could make for an interesting duo. And I see Follower Opus as being Polyphonic Spree-like.
Putting this name in I got Emperor Revenant and the Agnostic Chaos, which I will be using as soon as I become an electronica kingpin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fetal Chiquita

Makes me want to start a band just to use it.

Bovine Spool. Now that’s good.

Although I gotta say Smegma Astronaut is just totally awesome.

How fun. Some of the ones I like best are:

  1. Quantum Flap

  2. Eating Hawking

  3. Wooly Shitstorm

  4. Masticating Angel’s Collusion

  5. Saving Schrodinger’s Cat

#2 and #5 are my favorites

Haunting Flatulant Anodyne of the Juicy Alignment

I prefer the catchy Fierce SkipMagic and the Glue.

Peanut of the Simian Taco

I salivate in anticipation!

Yeti Infection of the Artificial Damned

Eleventh Yeti and the Hamburger

Yeti Nebraska of the Anal Apparition

Battery-powered Yeti

Yeti Drink of the Neat Pecker

Yeti Erotica and the Blind Assault

Yeti Raisin of the Mexican Kitten

Flailing Yeti and the Ecstasy

Yeti Hiatus

Celtic Yeti and the Ageless Ether

Yeti Licker of the Insatiable Armageddon

Doug is a real wet blanket of a name, but here are a few reasonably good ones:

Desperate Doug and the Electronic Human. Some kind of downtown NYC performance art-noise act, probably.
Doug People. Up with Doug People!
Doug Vagina. Hey, I’ll take it where I can get it.
Doug Download. And his Internet Pirates!
Doug O’Clock.
Doug Tunnel. <teehee>
Miserable Doug.
Doug Controller. Performance noise art again.
Utterly Doug. Kinda has a ring to it, doncha think?
Part Doug.

Bumping Dick Penis and the Other Vulva. WTF?

I plugged in “Sky” and got:

Sky of the Troubled Grape
Shotgun Sky
Muffled Sky and the Stereo Drawing
Overdose of the Sky Feeling

With “Blue”, I got:

Blue Reverb of the Limited Realm
Blue Maggot
Obvious Blue of the Psychadelic Trim
Depressing Blue and the Audible Research


Mr. Murphy and the Artistic Satire
Mr. Eskimo and the Elated Whack
Mr. Wafer and the Streaked Boner
Mr. Falcon of the Normal Transport (sounds Pythonesque)
“Mr. Blue Sky”:

Grinding Mr. Blue Sky
Unwound Mr. Blue Sky of the Enraged Thrill
Joyful Mr. Blue Sky and the Stench
Mr. Blue Sky Riddance and the Panting Corruption