Sweet Dave Barry's Ghost- Enough "band name" posts!

Enough is enough. Like the stomping that “Hi Opal” finally took to kill off- it is time to stop flogging Dave Barry’s joke. EVERY weird turn of phrase or set of words put together gets the obligitory “band name” drive by post.

For the love of puppies and kittens I am begging you to stop. Not only is baby Jesus crying (to flog another overused posting prop), but he is getting dropped into a giant blender everytime someone does this.

It is more predictable then a Pit pile-on of december.

[Homer] Sweet merciful carp [/Homer] no more I beg of you. It is a tired, tired cliche.

Now this isn’t about anyone in particular or any thread (so put down the flaming torches and vats of bubbling oil) but it is time for all of the right minded Dopers to join together to stomp out “Band Name” posts in our lifetime.

Remember, only you can stop “Band Name” posts. Won’t you help?

And no Sweet merciful carp is not a band name- it is a typo. :rolleyes:

Choir name.

One second. Beat me by ONE SECOND, darn ye…

“For the love of puppies and kittens” - children’s book name!

Nintendo helpdesk on-hold music band name?


Is it just me or would just the words “Band Name” make a kick ass band name?

[li] Anyone who didn’t see these responses coming should not be allowed to drive.[/li][li] Who decides what’s a cliche, and what’s a tradition?[/li][li] Doesn’t the fact that you KNOW what should (il?)logically appear in this third list element suggest something about the permanence of a cliche? They’re like cockroaches.[/li][/ul]

Is Dave Barry dead?

Your post was riddled with potential band names! To wit:

Dave Barry’s Joke

Puppies and Kittens

Pit Pile-on

Flaming Torches

Vats of Bubbling Oil

Right Minded Dopers

The mind boggles why you’d supply the target of your post with such sweet amunition. :slight_smile:

And a further reason it sucks is that any given English sentence, if you look at the words as sequential triplets, is full of potential band names.

For instance, in JuanitaTech’s post:
Riddled With Potential
Supply The Target
Sweet Ammunition

English Sentence

Potential Band

I even like Reason as a band name.

Who is Opal, anyway?

Sodomy: Not just a party game anymore!

Who is Opal?

Now, that’s a great band name.

Opal is the NAME of a precious stone.
Such as one might find in a wedding BAND.

While the “Band Name” thing may live on these boards, shouldn’t the true blame go to the instigator of this particular gag: Dave Barry? He has so much to answer for anyway, perhaps you should direct your wrath his way instead. He is one who started it. “flogging Dave Barry” sounds like a capital idea.

Personally, I hate “[Homer]your phrase here[/Homer]” posts. IMO, if a line is only funny if you imagine it being said by Homer Simpson, then it’s not that funny to begin with. They are very popular here, so I deal with it.

If you hate it that much - undermine it. Post “Band Names” of ordinary combinations of words (but he is), unamusing common misspellings (carp/crap), coding errors (*elf6c), post counts (posts: 337), etc. Then maybe others will get as tired of the gag as you say you are.

FTR, I think “tired, tired cliche” would be a cool band name.

Actually, sounds more like a band name to me.

:: d&r ::

Dammit, every tradition on these boards is fast becoming a pit thread! “Hi Opal”… band name… what next? I think “Og Smite” is harmless but, you know, one of these days someone is going to be sick of it.

I dunno… some people’s posts seem like the repetition of a tired cliche. Can we get rid of them? :wink:

Would you call saying “THAT’S THE TICKET!” every 10 seconds a tradition?