"Band name" "Jump the shark" And other moronic cliches

For the love of small furry puppies-- enough already with these stupid catch phrases you clueless half-wits. They are just as stupid as “don’t go there” “talk to the hand” and “dude, where’s my car”.

Stealing Dave Berry’s pathetic signature bit does not make you clever. It makes you another braying jackass on the Internet. Everytime somebody puts two words next to each other that are even mildly unusual, some post count padding mouth-breather posts “Band Name” and waits around for someone to pat them on the head. Hey dimwit- notice its not happening. Why? Because the joke is completely fucking played out. What’s next? “Where’s the Beef?” Just stop it already. Nobody is laughing, nobody finds it amusing. If you need posts that badly, trying posting 10000 test posts in About This Message Board. Or make up answers to General Questions posts, that is a handy way to increase your post count. footnote(1)

Next. “Jump the Shark” Again, this is sooooooo 2 years ago its not even funny. Take your tired ass real life version of the Comic Book Guy routine and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine already. Ripping off the jump the shark website doesn’t make you clever. And frankly using “jump the shark” just serves as a handy SDMB shortcut to signal that your post is the worthless drivel of the creatively bankrupt, and should be ignored, mocked or pitied- but never taken seriously. Cut it the fuck out- you look stupid, and its getting on my nerves already.

Feel free to add any catch phrases that piss you off. Feel free to discuss your love of tasty pie. But if one person posts “Band Name” in this thread thinking that they are the epitomy of wit, or sets forth the proposition that I have “jumped the shark” with this post- the furry puppies named in the first sentence of this post will not get a treat today. Do you want that on your conscience- punk?

(1) For the sarcasm impaired this is a joke. Don’t do this ever. Post counts don’t matter much. You can have 10,000 posts and still be regarded as clueless- honest.

So does bitching and moaning.

Wouldn’t “Jump the Shark” make a great Band Name?

Not another one of these threads!!!


Meesa no gavvy “jump the shark.” Cite?


(hehe! I am the epitome of wit!)

[sup]Hey! Someone had to![/sup]

Seriously, though: not enough milk for your cornflakes this morning, Elf?

Me too, so I googled it… I assume Elf is referring to this.

But does using Dave Barry’s pathetic signature make me clever? :rolleyes:

Saying something is sooooooo [insert short amount of time] ago is also passe.

Of course, you probably knew someone would say this very thing.

:mad: Hey! Wait, I guess I am just post padding.
::Runs out of the room singing “WHOMP! There it is” while raising the roof::

All your cliches are belong to us.


In Soviet Russia, phrases catch YOU!

IT’S A TRAP! Bad kitty! Tastes like chicken.


Damn, wrong board…

::d&r:: HAW HAW! OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pie.


I’m sorry, but “Its a Trap!” will eternally be funny.

Hey Coldie, what was that site? Lost the link…

Another. Stupid. Rant :smiley:

Wouldn’t they make great … ?


Appellations for popular music combos? Why, yes, I think they would.