I think Jello should read this.

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Insane Clown Posse doesn’t give a fuck what you think about anything. Juggalos could give a fuck less what any bitch boy, like yourself, has to say about them. I think you can shove your mouse up your already stretched out asshole you little bitch. If you don’t like it, I don’t give a fuck. You have no fucking idea what their music is about anyway. Maybe if you weren’t some kind of prep bitch you would understand that. Overall, FUCK YOU!

I downloaded a song from Insane Clown Posse. It was the one about them being on the dating game. It wasn’t all that funny. Basically it was an excuse for them to write lyrics about the many different ways they could cram a dick down someone’s throat.
Juvenile is one thing and I can accept it. That song just really wasn’t funny at all. It was poorly written and poorly sung.

So fuck you. Biznatch.

I knew a guy who thought he was a juggalo.

Entire thing’s ridiculous. Undersexed boys and their posturing. :rolleyes:

  1. The song is called Neden Game .

  2. You are a stupid fuck.

  3. I bet you liked the song and probably got a few ideas from it on how to shove male genitalia down your throat.

  4. You don’t know shit about them, therefore, I don’t care.

  5. What the fuck does “biznatch” mean?

  6. Fuck you. :wally

The ICP is stupid. Very stupid. Eminem’s retarded brother, Clyde, stupid.

That’s why I call them the Inane Cocksucking Pussies, which is another stupid name. But do the people who wrote ‘Slim Anus’ really deserve an intelligent name? I think not.

So the Inane Cocksucking Pussies can attend a GLAAD rally, a NOW meeting, and a 700 Club taping. That should clean them up.



Does anybody actually still listen to Insane Clown Posse? I thought their 15 seconds ran out a few years ago?

Whoops. I appear to have stumbled into a junior high school cafeteria. I’ll just let myself back out.

I prefer the Insane Clown Possums. As a matter of fact, back around '99 when I was friends with the wannabe-juggalo, he knew damn well how much I hated ICP, and the possum thing was a running argument between us.

Ringmaster, dear, are you thirteen or something? Why in the world does your opinion matter, first of all, and second of all why do you base your opinion of others entirely on whether or not they know anything about your lame-ass preference for a hormonally overcharged “band”?

Woooosh. The proper spelling and complete, coherent sentences was a dead giveaway.

I definitely get the feeling from reading the linked thread and this OP that there’s something going on here that I’m not following.

[sub][sup]I’m having internal conflict about changing my opinion of a poster based solely on their taste in “music”… Ohhh…[/sub][/sup]

Ooh. Point.

A Pit thread about me…I feel so proud! And all I had to do was insult some no-talent hacks.

Juggalos…what a great term. My little brother is one of you. The homophobia…the frantic strings of curse words with no end in sight…It’s all very familiar.

Their “music”, if you can call it that, is simply a half-assed effort to pander to the hatred of their listeners. It’s a little hard to be more anti-gay than Eminem, so to top him they have “Slim Anus” and other parodies written about him with – get this! – Eminem having sex with Dr Dre. Hilarity ensues…:rolleyes:

Now, I don’t care if Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope actually agree with what they say or not. But they are simply not funny and their swill does not deserve to be called music.

And I don’t care if they give a fuck about what I think. The reason I posted that was to bother you, and apparently it did, since ICP fans must be having some internal conflict about the rap they listen to. Otherwise they wouldn’t pepper their profiles with references to them, they just want other people to like ICP with them. (See original thread)

So it got to you, and you call me a “prep” and a “bitch boy” for disliking your music. Overreacting, perhaps?

::Ender cracks his knuckles::

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ender. You, however, can only call me Master. I shall be your Dominatrix and you shall be my bitch. There is no safeword.

I’m not going to try to use small words so if you’d like to call all your friends to mash those .00002 ounces of gray matter together so you understand what I’m saying, by all means get on the telephone now.

I can’t quite tell whether you’re an aborted fetus, swimming in a vat of formaldehyde, trying desperately to pose as a prepubescent boy, or an outcast from the reject pile of the Springer show guests. The one who dresses in tutus while fucking pregnant goats. Either way you are of no consequence to me. You are not fit to lick the scum of my great great grandmother’s crotch.

I have what we of the non mouth-breathing version of society call an opinion. I, with the far superior intellect and reasoning skills, have an informed opinion that is far superior and much more reasoning than yours. Why? Because, you maggot filled pustule, I do not insult people who disagree with me at random. My insults are not randomized, but directed specifically towards you, you sloping browed, lobotomized 3 toed sloth.

You shame all the fucking dumbasses of the world by continuing to consider yourself a member of their group. I would kick your ass with a spiked, steel toed boot if I thought you understood the concept of toilet paper. Instead, I will ask you, quite kindly, to drink a gallon of gasoline and pray that it jump starts your second brain cell.

Until then, may Cecil have mercy on your soul.

Psst…ringmaster, I’ve got a secret for you.

I don’t care about the ICP. I honestly have no opinion about them either way. Think what you want. My problem with this thread is that your rant has no point.

You claim that:

But if you’re going to make the claim that you “don’t give a fuck,” then you need to, guess what, not give a fuck.

And by saying stuff like:


you are, in effect, “giving a fuck.” A very large fuck, by the looks of it. But what’s even worse, you’re giving a fuck about something that doesn’t matter. Musical taste is certainly not fuck-worthy.
So for all of our sakes, please don’t give a fuck. It will save us the headaches. Take the extremely large, unnecessary fuck that you have given us, pack it up in its waterproof fuck case, and go home. Store the fuck under your bed, or your closet if it’s too big to fit under your bed, and forget about it until a time when you have a cause that’s worth giving a humongous fuck about.
If you can’t even manage to do that then please, take your big-ass fuck and shove it squarely up your ass. That’s a more appropriate place for fucks than this thread, anyway.

Insane Clown Posse Gets Ride To Concert From Mom
I once read some “lyrics”, if you could call them that, from ICP over at SAAN. Basically, it was about digging up the corpse of the guy’s ex and having sex with it…er-her.


It would be like if Something Awful was a musical act instead of a forum.

Bravissimo, Ender! Masterfully done. I especially liked


Now THIS is what I call a Pit thread!


I think I’m in love with Ender.

Then again, it may just be lust.

Wow, Ender, very nicely done.


WTF? I live in SE MI. How is it I’ve never heard of said posse?
Gathering of the Juggalos

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: