Why this community rocks so much...let me count the ways

I’m sitting here crying as I type this, but it’s a “good” kind of crying. I don’t consider what I’m about to say either “mundane” or “pointless”, but I know this post is more likely to be seen here than IMHO.

I will never know which individual Dopers are responsible for the money order I received yesterday to pay for my washing machine being fixed. You set it up anonymously between yourselves and I’m sure that not one of you would take the credit even now.

I am awed, humbled, touched, overwhelmed, that people I may never even meet would do such a nice thing for us. To my knowledge, no members of the G’Dope are Kerry Packer or Rupert Murdoch in disguise - you’re all average people doing the best you can to survive yourselves.

So often on these boards we read threads about intolerance and hatred. I can’t think of many acts which exemplify the acceptance and affection and even love which this community offers people better than the one which was bestowed upon me.

There are no words adequate to express our appreciation, so I’ll just leave you with a very heartfelt “thank you” from

Merryl, Kiah, Tahnee, and Bree

and my promise to “pass it on” at any and every opportunity I get.

Wow, what a cool thing to do!
Good luck with the washing machine, reprise.

So, uh, there’s this really neat Ducati I kinda like?
[sub]Nah, just kidding[/sub] :wink:

Dopers rock.

Wanna do me a favour Coldie and transfer this to MPSIMS? While it’s neither “mundane” nor “pointless”, I’m not an admin and don’t have the power to make it an “announcement”, but I’d like as many people as possible to know about the incredible gift my fellow Dopers have given me.

Yes, this world sucks at times - and it sucks hard. But sometimes it rocks, and when it rocks, it rocks bigtime.

I’m still so overwhelmed that I can’t write the post I want to in response to this gesture. I promise that I wil get around to writing it in the next couple of days and that I will ask a mod to make it a “sticky” post.

What and embarrass us G’Dopers further? :wink: Naah, no need to do that. The strengths of our global community are self-evident. The SDMB spirit is a thing which is at its best when allowed to remainunspoken.

Well, I don’t know about making it a sticky thread, but I can certainly move it to MPSIMS. Off we go!

Extremely cool. We rawk.

I am innocent of helping out in this one but I appreciate your telling us. I love stories like this and I like my warm fuzzy SDMB feelings.

I’m as guilty as Cranky but I echo the sentiment:)

{{{group hug}}}

TLD, there are so many situations in which I would agree with you on that sentiment. But in this “ever changing world in which we live in”, I’d like to acknowledge the good that people do as often as I’m prepared to take them to the Pit and criticise what I perceive to be “the bad”.

Yes, I know that I have embarrassed the G’Dope members. I’m incredibly aware of the lengths to which you went to make sure that your contributions were totally anonymous.

Much as I’m the first person to ever call someone to the Pit for being an asshole, I hope that I will always be one of the first people to acknowledge the good that people do with no thought of reward.

I know you guys want it to remain unspoken. I think it should be celebrated from the rooftops that in this chaotic world people still make those kinds of gestures. And seeing it’s my birthday today, I win. :slight_smile:

I’ll get around to the post which details why what you guys did for me is so much important than the $ involved in a couple of days.

You simply have no idea how much you have touched our lives beyond the washing machine.

And I simply don’t have the right words to say to any of you right now beyond “thank you”.
still an awed, stunned, and overwhelmed Merryl

I just got done writing a post in another thread about how Dopers have touched my life. It is so amazing and wonderful how this community supports its own, from a word of encouragement or comfort, to getting out there to help someone move, to sending money to someone who needs it. The people who say this is just a message board just don’t get it.

How wonderful this place is!

If it wasn’t for this place I’d forsake the internet all together. Even as a realative newbie I know I’ve stumbled across something…wonderful.
Hey reprise…should’nt you be doing laundry? :wink:

Wow, the Aussie Dopers are really generous! The milk of Doper kindness flows worldwide.

Now, I hear Redboss is planning an Aussie DopeFest…can anyone out there help me with paying for plane fare? :wink:

Ya know, it’s great to get gifts like this. But someone told me recently that it isn’t so much about the gratitude you express, but the pleasure the giver gets out of giving something selflessly. And I believe it. And it’s beautiful.

Congratulations. Now go wash something. :slight_smile:

Dangit reprise, you brought a tear to my eye with your story. This is just one of the coolest things I’ve ever read. Man, my cockles are all warm and fuzzy now.

The Aussie G’Dopers are a wonderful crowd, all right, and I’m very privileged to be a member of their G’Dope board. Well done, guys, very, very well done.

Holy crap what an incredibly thoughtful, generous and frikkin’ SAINTED thing to do.

All of y’all who contributed, pat yourselves on the back! You are my personal heros.

::totally taken aback::