Why was brovolone banned?

She was one of the more interesting posters we’ve seen in a while. I just noticed today she is listed as banned, but can’t find any reason for that in her recent posting history.

She was banned because she didn’t PM a mod to find out why a new poster was banned.


Well, usually they put a thread in ATMB when someone with a posting history (she wasn’t that new, as she was away a few months and came back) is banned and I didn’t see one here… it should be a matter of public record IMO.

But we ask that you PM a mod about it when there isn’t one, please…so I’m going to close this.
It’s no biggie, just PM a mod if there’s not a topic about it.

If you don’t see one, PM or email a mod. You’ve been around long enough to know that.

This is closed.