Why was Enantiomer banned?

The title says it all.

I don’t know who this person is, but they have only been here since 04-03-05 and suddenly they are banned. He/she has only made 14 posts none of the ones I looked at seemed offensive or anything.

An explanation or clarification would be appreciated.

First, you don’t see all there is to see. If someone had 14 inoffensive posts and 35 spam posts that led to a porno site, you wouldn’t see them – they’d be disappeared along with the poster.

Second, we’ve said several times, we will post the reason when a long-time (or reasonably so) poster is banned.

We will not post reasons for sock puppets, banned persons trying to sneak back in, or spammers – we don’t want them to have more publicity. The publicity is what they want. If they don’t get it, maybe they’ll go away and leave us alone. (A “sock” or “sock puppet” is a person using multiple user names, which is a violation of our sense of community, as well as being against the rules spelled out in the registration agreement.)

In short, when soemone is banned, PLEASE WAIT a couple of days before asking. If you don’t see a thread in this forum with explanation, then the person was either a sock puppet, a spammer, or a banned person trying to sneak back in. OK?

If you’re dying of curiosity and really MUST know or you won’t be able to sleep nights, then email a Moderator. We’ll be happy to tell you offline.

At present, we have one jerk who was banned for cause, who is trying to sneak back in under an assortment of different names. Please, please, don’t give him the public attention that he’s craving by asking about each one of the roughly half a dozen times he’s tried.