Why was Marx wrong about capitalism?

In sum, Marx thought workers did not get paid enough under capitalism. He thought too much of the money went to owners. What he did not understand is that the capitalist must provide the best jobs and products possible in the world or go bankrupt against those who are able to provide better jobs and products. If you doubt it for a second try starting a business with sub standard jobs and products. This topic seems very important since Bernie Sanders is the rising star in the Democrat Party and Harris is VP set to inherit leadership of the party despite having voted to the left of Sanders while a US Senator.

  1. I don’t think you’ve accurately summarized Marx’s theories.
  2. The problem with Marx is not his critique of capitalism, which is okay, but his proposed solution, which is unworkable.
  3. Harris may be to the left of Sanders (I honestly don’t know) but she’s not a Marxist.

Who will buy products and services if workers don’t get decent pay?

Capitalism is less of a system and more of a circle jerk.

Spending five minutes looking around your local grocery or general store would put paid to that nonsense.

Also curious about what you mean by rising star and Democrat Party.

Better jobs does not enter into the Capitalist equation.
Minimal pay (among other costs) to produce the goods and services which consumers will pay the maximum for is the equation.

What is this “Democrat Party” of which you speak? I’ve never heard of it, and last I checked Bernie Sanders was an independent.

Under capitalism workers must get the highest pay possible. If they don’t the workers will leave to where they do get the best pay. If you doubt it for a second try starting business and offer sub standard pay. Similarly, the capitalist must offer the best products possible or his customers will go elsewhere. This is something that Marx did not understand and 120 million people wound up dead.

An independent ,yes, but also an open socialist. He has no independent ideas just socialist ideas. I see I am the only Republican conservative libertarian here. Do they ban Republicans here?

In 1980 he( Sanders) was an “elector” in the Socialist Workers Party (founded by communists expelled from Russia for supporting Leon Trotsky).

Workers getting substandard pay cannot afford to quit and relocate.

That is simplistic. If you offer substandard pay, you will get substandard workers. If you produce a substandard product, then those who can only afford to buy your product will be your main customers. You can make a killing doing exactly that.

That is capitalism.

if not accurate about Marx please tell us the reason you think that. Thanks

there are millions lining up at the borders everyday!!!

You overstate.

RE: Kamala Harris:

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why simplistic? You always want the best workers possible and to produce the best products possible. Capitalism is a race to the top. If you can produce a substandard product with substandard workers you must immediately think in terms of upgrading the workers and products before a competitor does and you go bankrupt.

Wrong. It is a race to the bank.

his share of primary votes was highest ever and he was allowed to write the platform so he would instruct his voters to vote for Biden. Probably selected Harris too since she was even farther left than he was .

race to he bank???
Wrong! when you get an MBA they teach you to care about customers and workers. If one competitor does care and the other doesn’t guess with whom the workers and customers will want to do business?

I take it we are not speaking of Burger King.

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And that competitor is likely to price themselves out of their niche. Paying for better workers and a better product raises overhead, which will have to be passed along to consumers, some of which will not be able or willing to afford it.

As was recommended to you earlier, walk around your local stores for a few minutes.