Why was my thread moved?

This one.

It’s not a game at all. It’s not about a game, it has nothing to do with a game, there is no game to play, it doesn’t talk about a game.

It’s a story. It’s a user written story. I thought things like stories went in Cafe Society. :dubious:
But even then, I put it in MPSIMS just to be sure.
The move to the game room baffles me. Why would that happen?

I mean, if you’re going to do that, then why not move the MMPs there? Aren’t they creative writing too?

I think maybe the audience participation aspect may have tipped the scale towards it being considered game-like. Anyone that reads it is invited to speculate about whodunnit and such.

On the other hand, “detective work” is not going to affect the outcome, so it’s not really a competition. It’s a unique concept here, at least I don’t remember seeing anything like it…

PM Sent, Idle.

Thanks, ToeJam.

Yeah, it’s not a game at all, of any sort, It’s a story…although it might cause people to make guesses and such since the genre of story is “murder mystery”. But that’s not anything I can help. It is and remains a story and just that. I’m sorry if I gave off any impression that it was a game or puzzle solver. I guess it could have been read like that considering parts of my introduction…but I only included that because I know people would probably be guessing at who the killer(s) might be. It’s just natural people would reply trying to figure it out.
But I’m writing it intending for it to be a story. SDMB Fan Fiction, if you will. :slight_smile:

Idle Thoughts, where would you like your thread to go?


I was hoping for MPSIMS…so that’s fine. Although if you think it’s better suited for CS, that’s fine as well.
Thank you so very much, xash.

I saw it also as a game, but I’m not a moderator involved. Perhaps if I had read it through very carefully, I might have not thought so. But, yeah, I think you set it up with language that gave off a game vibe.

Moved back to MPSIMS at the special request of the OP.

It could technically go in any of GR, CS or MPSIMS, and Wombat had sound reason to move it to GR. However, since the OP has requested MPSIMS, and it fits and looks like it would take off best in MPSIMS, I’ve moved it back.

Gary “Wombat” Robson, hope that’s OK with you. I would normally have waited, but I wasn’t sure if you’d be back tonight.


Samclem, you’re right…and I admitted as much in my second post in here. I should have chosen my words more carefully. My own fault. Thank you for assisting me on it, though. I really appreciate it!

I see dead people post :eek: