Why was the "Fuck North Dakota" thread closed?

TVeblen closed this thread here without a full explanation. He calls it a “personal problem”.

I posted a thread about my hatred of golf, which seems of the same ilk–except I like North Dakota.

Not a flame, just a question: TVeblen, what gives? Really, I am curious.


I’m curious, too. I had just tried to submit my cite for the non-existence of Wyoming, and was surprised to find this thread had been closed. The pitter is railing against a essentially arbitrarily-defined geographical area , after all, not any person or even group of people (au contraire, he contends there are no people to rail against!

I’m guessing it was closed either as an unmarked parody thread or as a thread that, other than the title, should have been in MPSIMS – hence his comment that he wasn’t even going to bother moving it, implying that moving it had been an option, had he chosen to exercise it.

Just a guess- At least the GOLF rant had some, y’know, RANTING to it. You actually pitted something. Bosda’s ND whatever-that-was had the distinct odor of drunken random posting, without actually pitting anything, except to say that he hated ND for some vague unknown reason.
YOU had reasons for hating golf. Not sure why Bosda hates ND, since he didn’t say, so Veb closed it. And honestly, that one looked even too Mundane and Pointless for MPSIMS.

TVeblen is a SHE, by the way.

I like North Dakota too, Tripler, not the least because some people therebouts can actually use ‘uff da’ correctly. (Though I’ve met more who hailed from South Dakota, but to continue…)

I closed it because it was just plain too fluffy and stupid for the Pit. Flaming golf (which is only sensible, not to mention a measure of good taste, btw) at least has a kernel of promise for a real argument. Some deluded people are passionately devoted to pasture pool. Good Pittish times possible there.

One measure we use is probable responses. That lame thread was not only facetious; it was posed so loosely it wouldn’t have produced much beyond really, really stale jokes in return, with maybe a flicker or two of pointed mockery. It wasn’t a genuine or even somewhat chewy rant. It was just a somewhat droll stab at conversation.

It was pure MPSIMS with large-font cussing.

Who’s actually female. Which isn’t your problem or fault. The screename didn’t seem that weird at the time.

Oh, sure. OUR T. Veblen is a she. The “original” T. Veblen (Thorstein Bunde Veblen), was a he.

Whoa! My bad! I wonder why she closed the thread.

I usually don’t incur the wrath of the mods, and I rarely have interaction with 'em. Thus, my lack of knowledge. My apologies.

But what gives?

Well, whilst typing up my response to DogMom and answering the cellphone, I didn’t see TVeblen’s response.

Makes sense, ma’am. Though it was a pretty lame thread, I was quite surprised when I went in to defend my beloved Peace Garden State, only to find it closed.

But I still hate golf. :mad:

Anyplace nameable is “essentially an arbitrarily-defined geographical area”.

Great. What next? Existential rants along the lines of “Is There An Alberta”?

Well, we already know there is no Arizona. Plus, we’re still trying to find Atlantis.

That Miss O’Neal is one lost lady . . .

Man, I hate fuckin’ golfers.

:: Wonders which Doper will be first to offer to show her the way ::

Especially when they don’t take those spiked shoes off first.

I was born and raised in Fargo, ND, Bosda.

I’ve found that I like your posts and agree with you on a lot of things, but in this case, …

Fuck you.


It was a rhetorical* question, Tripler, even leaving Ms. O’Neal out of it entirely. (Which isn’t a guy thing.) We KNOW there’s an Alberta. It’s where all those smashing, frigid weather clippers originate. Saskatchewan, though, might be iffy.

There’s a chance Bosda hasn’t seen living soul in North Dakota, outside the two stray dogs and Egbert, because his technicolor, baroque-font sigs** blinded everybody else and they ended in up LA by mistake.


  • debating term for “I’m busy talking, so shut up”
    ** The message board equivalent of golf togs.

That was an awesome Garfield and Friends reference BTW.

I am bemused. Why would one waste the emotional energy to actually hate something so low on the life scale? Golfers are a form proto-virus (maybe really active RNA?) that simply should not trouble higher life forms since they do not seem to be infectious and, abandoning their spouses for long periods of time, are less likely to reproduce.

Non sequitor.

Just because something low on the life scale does not mean it isn’t a valid target of hatred. Look at, say, the ebola virus, which causes your insides to liquify and squirt out your anus. Being a virus, it’s certainly low on the life scale, but being something that makes you shit your kidneys outs, it’s certainly something that a reasonable person can hate.

Likewise, golfers, while being low on the life scale–somewhere between ebola and the common garden slug (arion distinctus), according to most biology texts published after 1987–are incredibly harmful. For golfers cause golf courses, those festering landscape sores that take beautiful native soil and transform it into the wet dream of any middle-class suburban 40-something whose primary joy in life, after golf, his Ford Excursion, and his wife’s artificial breasts, is his picturesque front lawn.

The only harmless golfers are those who live and golf in areas where the native landscape is a barren wasteland that nobody cares about, such as North Dakota.

Can I still hate the fucking Illinois Nazi Party?

I didn’t even know that the NP had a wing devoted especially to fucking Illinois.