Why was the "rate my attractiveness" thread closed?

Why was this just-started thread (by a just-joined member) closed? I didn’t think such threads were any sort of violation; am I wrong? I mean, yeah, the guy was setting himself up for slaughter but if he wanted to, so what?

Maybe because it could have been renamed “Make Some People Feel Shitty for a Stupid Reason and Make Others Feel Good for the Same Sort of Stupid Reason”?
(I imagine though that it had more to do with that “just-joined” part.)

You got your potshot in, so why do you care?

How could it make anyone other than the OP feel bad or good about themselves? He’s the only one getting critiqued. Like I said, if he wanted to get beat up, that’s all on him but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve seen such threads here before; heck, I think I even did one. So maybe it is just his ‘just-joined’ status. But why would that be a rule?? I don’t get it.

I am pretty sure **Marley23 **covered it in his closing post…

I right away suspected the post wasn’t by the person in the pics. That someone was trying to get a bunch of people to make critical posts that would then be pointed out to the “victim”.

There’s a lot of things like that going on, you can’t really be sure who is doing what and why. It just looks really suspicious. I didn’t consider it a sincere post for a second.

as someone new here, I’d also like the reason and specifically:

would it be different if he was a regular (I saw those were his only posts) who then wanted to know what folks thought of his photos?

I was kinda looking forward to more snark! :rolleyes:

Posters in the online dating advice thread regularly link to their profiles for advice and input.

Did you read the thread?

See post 5 for your answer.

Maybe that’s why. :rolleyes: I don’t have anything against snark, but it doesn’t seem necessary to rip a newbie to shreds who doesn’t know the first thing about these boards.

If a long-time poster had asked, that’d be a different thing.


I don’t have much to add to what I wrote in the post where I closed the thread. The poster was new and didn’t say anything in his OP other than ‘rate these pictures.’ He requested permission to start a similar thread, and after talking to Ellen Cherry I told him to go ahead- but I said he needs to ask some questions or put a little more effort into starting a discussion instead of just asking for a numerical rating of a picture.

Think highly of yourself, do you? :smiley:

thank you.

so in the post where you closed the thread the key word was JUST. :slight_smile:

Can we start a “rate my ugliness” thread?