Why Was This Thread Closed?

The answer is unsatisfactory.

I want clarification on what “encouragement” is with respect to the linked SDMB rule. Care to give it a shot?

I don’t want to go over Cesario’s posts any more than I already have, but I don’t think he’s extolled the virtues of sex with children, and he hasn’t encouraged anyone to abuse children, etc. He’s said he wants to do it and said he would like to be allowed to do it.

Here, you present it as an end. In your original thread, it was a means - the virtues of X justifying changing the legal status of X. In that, you’re encouraging a change in the legal status of X.

If you show up to simply extoll the virtues of X, well, it’s proselytizing. There, your goals are more ambiguous and it’s more likely the administration will consider that encouragement to do X.

And no matter how hard you try to frame your argument, the board will move as it will, and your thread might get away from you and still wind up closed. But it’s still important to frame your argument carefully, because that’s what the administration will have to judge your status as a poster. And from what little I understand of another poster who advocates for illegal activity Y, he’s been very careful in how he frames his arguments.

So far.

Also from the rules:
“We reserve the right to ask you to limit postings on a particular topic, or to refrain from posting on such topics altogether.”

Sounds like you will just have to go without crack :frowning:

This seems like a nice summary:

We don’t need to go the “encouraging” route.

From the rules for posting at the SDMB:

“How to manufacture” is effectively “where to obtain.”

Thus any discussion of “how to manufacture” is forbidden.

He has said that people should be allowed to do it. He has said that it is the right thing to do with respect to “youth sufferage.” So, perhaps not the virtues of molestation per se, but that the virtuous thing to do would be to allow it.

At any rate, how is that *not *encouragement, if asking for advice *is *encouragement? If i asked you how to build a doghouse, do you seriously believe that the is my way of encouraging you to do so?

Thank you. So the citation concerning “encouragement” was incorrect?

Well. Interesting. I wonder where else that rule might be applied …?

I’m not going to go there.

You wanted a reason why the thread was closed, you’ve got one.

Doesn’t matter because you didn’t ask the question you should have. You wasted a thread beating the wrong horse.

Clearly, as will no other moderator or administrator. And it seems like such a simple question.

50 posts in. And after playing prevent defense for two days.

So? Why does that make it not matter? It’s either a valid question or it isn’t.

This is simple: the mods hate it when you nitpick a rule. They’ve explained their reasoning ad nauseum. But after a certain point of someone not getting it, you have to start thinking they aren’t going to get it.

As a poster, you have to think similarly. After a while, you’ve got to realize that you no longer have any other way of saying what you are saying. If they don’t get it, fine.

After either side has reached this point, continuing to post loses the meaning of clarification, and moves into other, less honorable motives.

Honestly, I’m finding the outrage about this guy more annoying than him, because I decided early on I was going to avoid his posts, since he’s a one trick pony. I hope that his detractors’ posts don’t start warranting that behavior.

Perhaps we should have a rule like WP:POINT

You are creating a false issue. The issue is not “encouragement.” The issue is the rule: Thou shalt not discuss how to do something illegal here.

Every post you’ve been making for some time now is focused on something irrelevant. :smack:

No, the issue was the justification given for that ruling. That issue may be irrelevant to you, but it isn’t to me.

Exactly. And he certainly hasn’t asked (or offered) advice on how to sexually abuse children or the best ways of grooming them which would be the parallel to Contrapuntal’s feigned request for guidance in the manufacture of crack.

By adding that second paragraph to his OP Contrapuntal torpedoed his parody thread and completely obscured any point he was trying to make. I’m astonished that he can’t see the difference between the Cesario thread and his, and why one was within the rules and one was most definitely not.

I simply don’t know how to make it any easier to understand, but I’ll try one last time.

In the **Cesario **thread, the mods kept saying that he was not advocating child molestation. I took a stroll through the user agreement and saw the bit about encouraging illegal activity. I then posted my thread, and sure enough, I was found to be in violation; to wit, that asking for advice is encouragement. My still unanswered question then became : Why is asking for advice encouragement, when what he was doing isn’t encouragement. So far, no one has been able to answer that question. Care to give it a shot?

Another way of asking the question would be : Is there a definition of encouragement that includes the former and excludes the latter?

Let me ask you a question. Did his thread encourage you to rape children?

No. So? Did my thread encourage you to manufacture crack? Do you not understand my question?