Why wide rights? (Say that 5x's fast.)

Can someone tell me why truckers need to make wide right turns? Is there some design flaw in all semi tractors that prevent them from making as sharp a turn to the right as to the left? Or are they just not very good drivers?

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They make right hand turns from the right side of the street. The make left hand turns from the right side of the street. They are closer to the curb when turning right than when they are turning left. Hence, they must make wider turns so as not to bump or jump the curb.


Well, gee. Now I feel stupid.


Those signs are for the truly stupid.
They are for those who try to pass a truck on the right side as the truck is making a right turn.

Safe driving!

Yeah. You can feel stupid only if and when your hood’s been crushed by the ass-end of an 18-wheeler.

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Trucks make wide left turns too, but they have the entire intersection to make them in because they are turning to the far side of the road. When they take a right turn they will pull as far left as they can so they cn make the turn onto the near side of the road. The signs are there to tell people not to try to pull past them on the right when they do this.

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Isn’t that what I said?

Why not wide rights? Don’t wides have rights too? I mean, just because…



Never mind.

“Wide Right”?

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ChiefScott, my post made it clear that the trucks will pull to the left lane to make a right turn. Yours only said that they turn right from the right side of the road. Your explanation creates the mental picture of the truck starting in the right lane and pulling most of the way across the intersection before turning. My explanation shows that the truck is in the left lane and the wide turn is made across the street being pulled out of. In my version a car could drive between the truck and the curb causing the accident. If I misunderstood what you wrote than I admit that my post was unneccessary but I thought your’s was mistaken.

I oversimplified my answer 'cause the answer was simple.
It was written tongue-in-cheek, mimicing an adult giving easy instructions to a child so the child could understand.

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Trucks make wide turns both ways because there is usually between 40-50 ft. of trailer behind them, but most of the time you dont notice it on left turns. The correct way to make a right turn in a truck is to drive forward into the intersection and then make the turn, using the oppposing lanes if needed, but sometimes oncoming cars will be where the truck needs to be, so the trucker will need to make the buttonhook maneuver (swing left then turn right) to clear obstructions on the corner (curbs, light poles, pedestrians, etc…).
Hope this answers the question.

If he asked and you answered and your answer was wrong, but he got it…doesn’t that then make his knowledge wrong? Obviously, yes. It doesn’t matter if MrKnowitall got it if you told him wrong.

But if it is right then you’re just talking out your ass.