Why won't my school cafe put sasuage in an omlette

I wanted “sausage western” (sausage INSTEAD of ham). He wouldn’t do it! I’m not upset enough to Pit this BTW.

Even so, are you asking in the right place?

No, you’re right. Mods please move to MPSIMS

Unless there’s some statute that says you can’t serve a sausage omlette in Location Blank

But what I really meant was, why didn’t you ask Him?

Perhapse they only have uncooked sausages? In which case they wouldn’t cook safely within an omlette. A local pizza restaurant won’t put sausage in a calizoni for the same reasoning.

Bippy-I bet that’s the reason.

Who runs your school’s food? If it’s Sodexho, it’s because they have Policies that forbid changing ingredients to anything past the approved. For example, at my university they offered deli-sliced ham wraps one day, with some kind of interesting sauce, in a tortilla. Some of us wanted turkey wraps, but they wouldn’t give them to us despite having the deli-sliced turkey RIGHT THERE. We were only able to get them when one of us figured out the secret. He asked for a ham wrap with the ham on the side and a plate of just turkey. They asked him if he was going to put the turkey on the wrap. When he said yes, they refused to give it to him, but when he quickly amended and said no, he got the sauce-smeared tortilla, the side of ham, and the side of turkey. He threw the ham in the trash, put the turkey on the tortilla, and wrapped it up.

Back in my pizza days, we would precook some ground beef or sausage for your calzone as long as you asked nicely and didnt mind a little extra wait.

[jack nicholson]He wasn’t a film studies major by any chance was he?[/jack nicholson]

IIRC it is Sodexho.