Why Won't They Redesign The Dime?

I loved the Dutch “dimes” that were smaller than the US ones. You did not mind getting a bunch in change because they were so light. If I recall correctly, they didn’t have a “quarter” coin, or didn’t use it much, so you got a lot of the “dimes”

Anyone have a half dime? Those were made in the 1800s.

I have several of them. Around here, we call it a “nickel”. Maybe it is a regional name.

The U.S. five cent piece was formerly known as a half dime, and these were silver coins. The nickel and half dime coexisted for seven years, from 1866 to 1873, before the latter was discontinued. The Wikipedia article on half dimes may be instructive.

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After the parks they’re doing snack foods, and then reality TV stars.

Actually, it’s the America the Beautiful series and it will include more than just national parks.

You are correct they are including other sites because not every state has a national park.

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They keep trying new dollar coins and people still don’t like them. They need to follow Canada’s lead and get rid of the dollar bill.

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This is off-topic, but I remember reading somewhere that the US dime is the most valuable coin in the world by weight. Is that still true now that the dollar has gone down in value a bit?

The last time I went abroad and used cash (nowadays, I use my debit card for pretty much everything) and wound up lugging around fistfuls of change because of the lack of dollar bills. It might just be my general association of paying in change with bums counting out two dollars and eighteen cents at the convenience store, but it’s a very strange thing to haul out all the change in your pocket to pay for something, rather than just fishing around for the odd penny or nickel to make a dollar change even.

Well, one of the first things he did on assuming office was to set up a Brains Trust! Just sayin’… :wink:

I have one…they were tiny. But even smaller were the three-cent silver pieces. Says a lot about inflation, that a three-cent coin was once made of silver.

You want inflation? The original English pennies (after which the colloquialism for a U.S. once-cent piece was derived), meaning the coin that ended its life as 1/240 of a pound, was originally a silver coin of, IIRC, approximately the size of an American quarter.