Why Won't They Redesign The Dime?

This one has had me wondering for a while now. They recently (temporarily) redesigned the American penny (one cent piece). They did the same thing with the nickel (five cent piece for you non-Americans;)). We all know about the state quarters program. But they haven’t done anything with the dime at all yet.

<mini-rant>And it has me hurt. Allow me to explain. The American dime has the picture of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on it. And I have been a fan of FDR at least since my 8th grade. He did alot of good, and literally redesigned the presidency and forever changed America’s role in the world. And I have been a Democrat all my life. So I have to wonder if the fact FDR was a Democrat has anything to do with it. True, Jefferson (on the nickel) was in the party that became the Democratic party. But he was a founding father too. So it is no surprise even conservatives like him too.</mini-rant>

Whew, I am glad I got all that off my chest:). Now, this is the GQ. So kindly disregard my mini-rant, and answer my question please.

And as always, thank you in advance to all who reply:)

Well, part of it is that FDR is closely associated with dimes for good reason.

I think the OP means he wants a spiffy new FDR design, just like they’ve done for the Lincoln bicentennial and for Jefferson.

FDR’s political affilation would have nothing to do with why the US Mint redesigns coins. IMHO. But, I’ve been in the coin biz since about 1968. So, professional opinion.

I don’t want them to redesign the dime! It’s based on a sculpture by Selma Burke, who was denied credit for years because she was African American. The initials JS are included in the design. John Sinnock was the chief engraver of the mint, and was given the official credit. The whole story is one of institutional racism, ability and talent winning out, stolen glory, and final vindication. What “spiffy” new design can compete with that?

All those redesigns are seriously fugly - really, do you want something like Zombie Jefferson? Or perhaps Buffalo With Penis? No thank you.

I believe they are waiting for a FDR-related anniversary to hinge it on/around as they did the nickel and penny.

Can you give us a cite for where we can read about it?

Here is the plaque Burke designed, that some believe served as the inspiration for the obverse of the dime. Here is the dime. They are both profiles. Other than that, they are nothing alike.

Inspiration maybe but “stolen credit” is a giant stretch. The profiles are quite different.

More on credit contro here

That is seriously goddamn creepy. I know a severed head when I see one.

They redesigned the penny & nickel? Wow, I haven’t even noticed. When did that happen? Now you’ve got me pulling out my wallet to see if there are different ones in there.

Ah, I see. The new penny just started this month. And now I do remember seeing the new nickel, only rarely though.

I see the redesigns as a way to kill coins. I can’t tell if I’ve gotten American money anymore without examining every coin at the register. :mad: I can’t just glance and know. :frowning:

They are going to have quarters for national parks starting in 2010.

Yeah, after the states, they went to territories and DC. Then the parks series. If I remember correctly, they’re doing one park from each state. (WI has the Apostle Islands.)

FDR is on the dime?? And here I always thought that was Roy Scheider.

There was an effort a few years ago to replace FDR with Reagan.

I believe the correct abbreviation for that is IMPO, you imp.

It’s always looked more like Bob Newhart to me…