Why would a restaurant allow this?


Even if I was paying for it I can’t imagine ANY place allowing me to do this kind of nutball shit, hell I usually have trouble even asking for a little extra sumac at the middle eastern place. I assume if I went in a pizza place and tried to order a large pie with five pounds of olives on it I’d be refused.

And to allow someone to do this with a free promotion even?!

In the article he said “I knew I had a willing store on my side", so that location was working with him, not telling him to knock it off. OTOH, Corporate IS telling the individual stores to knock it off and capping drink sizes at 31oz. My guess is that the next thing they’ll do is not cover the coupon when they pull those stunts.

Because the first few times it happens, they get a lot of publicity. Certainly more than seventy dollars’ worth. And saying that it’s only going on at “rogue” Starbucks that are defying headquarters adds to the publicity value.

Once it stops making the news, the company will put an end to it.

That was why I made the dubious face, this whole thing smells like bullshit.

For one thing I remember there being some health code rule or something not allowing containers brought by customers to be used.(years ago with coffee thermos)

I don’t understand how this is a challenge. Making an expensive drink just seems to be about asking for an arbitrary amount of espresso shots with the other stuff contributing minimally. If you want to beat this challenge, just ask for more shots.

My thoughts exactly.

Maybe making the most expensive 16 oz (or whatever size) drink might be a challenge, but just bringing in a bigger bucket than the last guy and telling them to pour all their most expensive ingredient into it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

It’s similar the rule that the Guiness Book of Records has about not accepting collections of common objects for their book.

I think most companies put limits on their free coupons like “Free - Up to $5” and someone at Starbucks headquarters overlooked that.