Why would I see the anti-"deep linking" image on the original website?

When I go to this particular website, I see the anti-deep-linking image instead of the expected one. The image on the site is definitely on the same server, and not deep linking to some other site. Why would this be?

Try turning off the ad-blocker in your browser for a minute. Maybe it’s blocking referrer information and that’s causing the problem.

Nope, that’s not it. Any other guesses?

The site might be using the same image to replace broken image links as that it uses to replace hotlinked images.

It is my understanding that “deep-linking” has nothing to do with an image being on a different server that the web page, but linking to specific things on a site while bypassing the front page. Perhaps you are trying to directly load an image, and the site is blocking you not because the image is on a different site, but because they want you to have to load the whole page the image is on.

Can you post the link?

Are you behind any firewalls or a router? I encountered one site where I was legitimately navigating the site, but got hot-linking warnings. His response:

Poor guy got hit with $1000 in extra bandwidth charges in one day due to a hot-linker in China.