Why would someone need a gun on a college campus?

The bill I am wondering about is this: “Rep. Richard M. Cebra, R-Naples, proposes legislation to “enhance safety on college and university campuses” by allowing firearms to be carried on the campuses of public colleges and universities.”
Maine is a constitutional carry state, but guns are still not allowed on college campuses. What benefit does it give to allow students to bring in guns? Considering the stupid shit I saw students do when I went to school on a campus instead of online, I don’t think adding firearms to the mix is a good idea.

In case you didn’t notice, there have been several mass shootings on college campuses.

There have also been a number of sexual assaults as well. (Note: I am not saying that guns would necessarily be a good solution)

Apparently there are schools where grizzly bear attacks are an issue.

Because you never know when there will be a red dawn.

Obviously, for ROTC. “A well regulated militia…”

It’s a zero sum game - someone needs a gun on a college campus because someone else may be carrying one.

Makes office hours so much more interesting!

You laugh but I was on Pitt’s rifle team and sometimes carried my rifle (cased and locked) around campus until I could get to Trees Hall or to the ROTC offices where a locked area was available. And I also have to admit that I carried it on public transportation (bus) to and from campus. But that was a much different time — or at least it feels like it. There had been some college shootings (like the famous Texas Tower incident) but the threat from Oakland traffic seemed a lot higher to us than any firearm.

The more places where guns are allowed the fewer places criminals feel safe attacking. Mass shootings take place almost exclusively in places where guns are not allowed and when criminals are interviewed they definitely are less comfortable attacking people in locations where their victim may be able to fight back. Also I’m much happier with a rapist with a hole in the chest than a girl who has been raped and strangled to death by her own pantyhose.

Why would anyone choose to go to a college or university where guns were thought of as normal things to carry about? :confused:

An armed college is a polite good-grade giving college.

As long as there are Neidermeyers and Marmalards around, college students need to be armed.

I thought those must be very famous/infamous gun victims or gun shooters of whom I had not heard, and felt stupid.

Having Googled them, I’m not sure whether to feel more stupid, or less.:smack:

You may not see a good reason to allow it. Fair enough. But there is no good reason to specifically oppose it. Anyone seeking malfeasance will not be stopped by one law. And universities that allow it* haven’t had any incidents.

*Looks like 3 specifically allow it, and several others don’t specifically prohibit it. One is a very conservative state, and two are generally liberal ones.

A local woman was raped on campus in public by a guy who later murdered another woman. She later became a concealed carry advocate, FWIW. I don’t know whether it would’ve helped her, but she seems to think so.

Also FWIW (so I am absolutely not offering it as data, just an anecdote), though Whitman was ultimately killed by police, an armed citizen assisted them.

If you live in the U.S. in most places it’s thought of as normal. Anytime you go to the grocery store, gas station, restaurant, etc., there’s a chance someone is legally armed.

I anxiously await your “Yeah, but…”

So the answer to reducing crime and death is more guns.

Are you suggesting that for countries with very strict gun laws could reduce their crime rates by introducing more guns for everyone?

And even if they make the college campus 100% safe, students and staff need to go home and go to work before and after school. They might need protection at night in a bad neighborhood.

Banning alcohol at parties on campus or banning men from being in women’s dormitories (which would also require bringing back single sex dormitories) would be more effective. That said, I work on a campus 5 to 6 days a week and I am highly opposed to the students carrying guns on campus. All it really does make more work for the campus police and escalate the danger everyone is in if there is an actual active shooter.

Can you show us significant data that backs this claim up?

How is campus carry any more hazardous than people carrying at your local Walmart or a park?

Also remember, in most states one must be 21 to conceal carry. So a large portion of the student body would be excluded. So this idea that the campus would be awash with guns is nonsense.