Why wouldn't I be able to see a poster's profile?

Thought I just saw something on this but I couldn’t find it. I’m not talking about the card that says “User Profile Hidden”, I’m talking about no card at all when you click the user name. Actually, you can see it start to pop up but it disappears before it becomes readable. Almost like it was ad-blocked at the last second.

Was it someone who was recently banned/suspended?

ETA: We semi-discussed that same thing here.

Not as far as I know. It’s this guy.

Is it possible that you accidentally ad-blocked some element here? It’s easy to accidentally do with some ad-blockers and browsers.

I don’t think so. I can read other ones on the same page.

If it’s from the same cause, give it a little while and try again (yes, the most annoying tech support answer ever, but it works a surprising amount of the time).

I did the “right click-open new tab” on the name and got the " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." page.

It was you this happened to, right? I tried to search with your name and didn’t find anything. It’s been two days since I originally tried it. Yours was much shorter, I think.( This was meant for @GreysonCarlisle)

Yep, tried that too. No joy.

When I tried to do a user search for that username, I got a “not found”.

So, ultrasuperduperbanned, but traces still left in uncornfielded posts. It’s bizarro world.

Yeah, you must’ve missed my edit. Link here.

I can find all his posts on search. Nothing showed up as banned.

If it’s been days and it’s still not fixed, I’d have some helpful mod move this to the Site Feedback forum so that the Discourse devs can see it. Sounds buggy to me.

That links to a thread. If you are talking about the OP of that thread, that user was banned on September 18th for socking.

I was under the impression that banned/suspended user profiles are still visible to regular users. The Discourse folks have been tinkering with the software lately so maybe something changed.

I wonder if there’s a problem in the Discourse hosting where certain database replicas are incomplete and out of sync?

Ok, I unbanned one of my test accounts and checked the profile from a regular user’s point of view, and it does appear that banned/suspended user profiles are no longer visible to regular users. I’m pretty sure those used to be visible to everyone so I guess the devs made a change recently.

They usually are visible, this is the first one that hasn’t worked for me. It doesn’t show on profile card tho, you need to click thru to the stats.

I figured sock since he hadn’t posed since then. Is it extra hassle for mods to put the “Banned” right next to the user name like it is on some ex-posters? That would be a lot handier than clicking thru to the stats.

I’m ok if you want to move this to the Discourse help thread to figure out why this poster didn’t work like the others.

We usually change their title to BANNED. Sometimes we miss it. I fixed it for this case.

Thanks. That helps in threads that are still active so you don’t end up wasting time replying to an already banned poster.

SlackerInc’s is still working.

So is KennyT’s.

Terwilliger, too.

I’m still leaning toward a job that didn’t update after a user’s status change.