When you smoke weed you inevitably get the munchies and eat right?? Well, why is it that when you’re done eating your buzz is at least half as intense??

Well, there’s the whole digestive thing, and you’ve probably had something to drink with your food, and that will dilute the effects.

I’d say the number one reason though is simply that time has passed.

I’m not sure how drinking fluids will dilute your bloodstream. I would think you have to be dangerously dehydrated for that to happen, what with the kidneys and the liver working to keep blood chemistry. including the amount of water in it, at nearly constant levels. But hey, I could be wrong…

This is a total WAG but I would stump for something like eating releases endorphins and they bond to many of the same places that drugs bond to and so your artificial high is replaced by a natural high which is less intense.