widening of "restricted speech" prohibition?

In this thread, **Miller **admonished **Guinastasia **for a comment, as follows:

Wha? So we can’t then say “screw you” or “get stuffed,” or any variant on the concept?

I thought the objection was to the vulgarity of the specific phrase. We’re also forbidden to euphemize, or to mince oaths?

“Eat shit” gets a pass, but “fornicate yourself” gets a buzzer? Zounds!

That is a little odd. I thought the ban was on the specific phrase “fuck you”, but we were allowed to convey the same sentiment in other ways. I’ve called someone a less than intelligent actualizer of the Oedipal urge and got a few chuckles. The difference between that and “dumb motherfucker” is pretty much only the phrasing.

I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! …
Particularly since no warnings are issued, I think avoiding the bright-line rule in favor of moderator judgment calls keeps things relatively in line with the essence of the rule without being too restrictive. I know people have a problem with mod judgment and leeway, but overall it helps to preserve the general atmosphere.

The actual rule says “fuck you and its variants”, for what it’s worth.

As I read the rule, to qualify as a variant, some version of “fuck” must be included. I see no prohibition on “screw you”, as a milder example.

Wasn’t meaning to pick on Miller and I’m not a fan of overanalyzing the Rule Book, but that one surprised me. In a weaker moment, I might’ve seen myself snared in the synonym trap…

Yeah, that’s how I generally interpret the rule. Except last night, when I didn’t, for some reason. Bad call on my part - that shouldn’t have drawn a mod note.

Yeah, well, no harm done. We’ve all had days when things just come out wonky for some reason. I shall disband the mob of peasants after collecting their torches and pitchforks, since we won’t be storming your castle today.
Well…if you happen to be a Boss in a World of Warcraft dungeon, I may very well be storming your castle tonight, but that’s the way the game is played. :smiley:

Aw, you’re not coming over? But I was going to make espresso!

Brewed in large vats, balanced at the top of the castle wall. :smiley:

I shoulda known the mods play Horde. This is why Elune created siege engines.

So euphemisms such as this are OK? :smiley:

Wait, so why? I don’t understand the reason for the distinction. If “go fuck yourself” is against the rules, why isn’t “go fornicate yourself” or “go screw yourself”? The three sentences mean the same thing. It seems nonsensical to ban the first and allow the other two.

Well, I agree in principle, but as I understand the current rules, “fuck” is a no-no. Same as “cunt”, when directed at another poster. I did not write the rules, and may have expressed mild displeasure at the time the changes were made. I know that’s hard to believe, as I am generally very shy and reluctant to criticize mod action or board policy around here.

Because the f-word is fucking rude, that’s why.

Genesis 1:28

I don’t have to if I don’t want to.

Huh, I have to admit I’m surprised by Miller’s retraction. I thought *all *variants of “fuck yourself” were banned, including euphemistic ones. Same thing with all variations of instructions to perform oral sex on someone… So does this mean I can tell someone to lick a penis if I can’t tell them to eat a bag of dicks?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Pit Language Rules, where you can’t call a poster a cunt, but you could, say, theorize that they slurp pus out of their father’s asshole. :shrug: