Wierd IE event - any ideas?

A number of times (three that I have seen to be exact), my PC at home has suddenly started to open up (or attampt to open up) copy after copy (dozens and dozens of them) of Internet Explorer - faster than I can shut them down…

Twice this has happened when connecting to the Internet, and once on boot-up. All the instances of IE attempt to connect to our home page, and the only way to stop them is to switch the PC off and re-boot. As I say, this has only happened three times in the six months or so we have had the PC (donated second hand from a friend - who had never experienced it) but I have no idea where to start looking to try and prevent it from happening again. Our first thought was some kind of virus, but we have Norton 2002 kept up to date, and scans reveal nothing, and our second thought was a stuck key of some kind, but we’ve looked and can’t find one, and the fact that it is such a rare event leads me to think maybe not.

Any suggestions as to where to start looking would be gratefully accepted.


Try this.

Set IE to open up to a blank page. Only after it finishes loading you start surfing. You should be able to isolate whether this is an IE problem or one with your homepage.

I’ll give that a try, since we actually hardly ever use our homepage (ISP default), but I don’t think it will solve the problem, as this has occured even when not connected to the Internet…