Wierd. What is this plastic card?

My wife has a plastic card, almost like a credit card, but we have no idea what it is.

It’s the same width as a credit card, but only about two-thirds of the height. It’s slightly more flexible than a CC.

Waitaminnit - I’ll measure…

It’s 3 and 3/8"wide by 1 and 1/2".

The front is just orange. It’s traffic-cone orange with no markings whatsoever. The back side has a bar-code, a mag-stripe, a 30-digit number, and the number 25 in the upper right corner. The numbers & barcode are obviously printed on it after manufacture.

She remembers getting it in the mail but doesn’t remember why.

No text anywhere front or back.

Any idea what this is?

Something from Home Depot?

Possibly a key card?

Oh, that’s a membership card for the Rapture. Lucky you!

A gym admission card?

A rebate card (such as from Cingular)?

Your location is Denver, so maybe something to do with the Broncos?

No gym I’m pretty sure.

I’d think that Home Depot would logo their cards but I can walk it in next time I’m there.

It’s not the rapture card, those are white.

The rebate card is an interesting idea, she got a new phone half a year ago - I’ll give her that idea to mull over.

I’m gonna guess hotel room key card. Some hotels don’t logo where they’re from so they’re less likely to be found and tried in all the doors.

Reread and caught the part where she got it in the mall.

Revise my guess to be some sort of promotional thing like where the car dealership mails everyone a key to try to win a new car.

Keycard, obviously.

Where do you/your wife work?

Keycard access being installed there, maybe?

Stop talking. Do nothing. Further instructions will be forthcoming, as long as you are faithful.

Seen any men from Mars around, lately?

No, but I have seen some women from Venus :confused: (I don’t get what you mean. I was kidding.)

“What good is it?” my wife asked.

“Cut it up in little pieces and throw it away,” is what my wife would do.

Oh, you got it. Good. Mail it to somebody else. Anonymously.

A long shot, a reeealy long shot, but traffic cone orange is the color Ing Direct uses. Does she have any accounts set up over there?

I have two cards similar to that on my keychain. They are each 1 by 2 inches, and are discount keycards for our local grocery stores. Barcode, no mag stripe, but they are probably 10 years old. They each have the store chain’s name. Yours look like they are trying to avoid being identified visually, so maybe they are something else, like a room key?

This is the internationally recognized Orange Cone Card, which allows the bearer entry to any space marked off by the little buggers, worldwide. Also available in pylon, blinking traffic barrier, and yellow CAUTION tape.

It was a callout to the Blondie song, Rapture.

That’s actually what she said to do with it. I may be a rebate or gift card or something so I thought perhaps another doper would go, “Oh, yeah - that’s a T-Mobile gift card” or similar.

The lack of information on it is really strange.

I forgot to tell her about all your ideas so the jury is still out of discard/keep.

Run it through a charge card terminal or ATM and see what happens!