wierdaaron Greasemonkey script

Anyone still use the wierdaaron SDMB greasemonkey script? The “optifixers.” I am using it on Firefox 39.0 (and previously 38.0.5) and the Updates panel that is supposed to sit in the corner doesn’t auto-close, nor does it close using the “close” button.

Is this happening to anyone else? Can anyone fix it?

I’d PM wierdaaron himself but looks like he hasn’t been around since 2013. I’d be happy to send anyone the script source if they’d like to fix it.

I just wish the script that replaced the new smilies with the old ones still worked. It stopped a few months ago. :frowning:

I fixed it and posted about it. You must’ve missed it. The site that I used for an update stopped working, so I had to use a new one, so you’ll have to download it again.

Unless you’re telling me that one is messed up. It works fine here. In fact, I actually made it faster. On Firefox, you often never even see the old smilies.