Firefox 4 broke wierdaaron's greasemonkey script!

I have just upgraded to Firefox v. 4.0 on my linux machine (Kubuntu 10.10). Most of my plugins seem to have managed the transition from 3.6 just fine, but not wierdaaron’s “SDMB-improving Greasemonkey script”. Most of the functionality seems to be ok, such as highlighting posts and user badges, but image & video preview is broken. These features have become so natural to me that it is a complete shock suddenly having to peruse the dope without them.

Has anyone else experienced this after upgrading Firefox to v. 4? Other Linux users, perhaps? And most importantly: Does anyone have a suggestion for fixing the image/video preview?!


I did notice that, and it’s one of the main reasons I flipped back to v3.6

If you want to contact him, Aaron has a website, which was up a few days ago, but it’s down today, so I’m not sure what that means.

Hmm, I don’t use greasemonkey much, but your post reminded me that it was one of the incompatible extensions: looking at it I noticed the version number, and went to the Mozilla add-on site to see if there was a newer one ( although I’ve no idea why an extension should stay at an incompatible version without simply updating the version ), there was and I tried to install it after removing the old version; but it wouldn’t ( I think because of my profile, not applicable generally to linux ). However the latest review said:

This used to be such an amazing tool for developing your own website tweaks. For a while now, since the “upgrade” to the configuration style, it has been unusable in the most recent version of Firefox in linux! The existing scripts that were in there are still working but I’m unable to view, modify or write new scripts since the configuration dialog is completely blank. Please fix this!
Another review says greasemonkey has problems with some themes, but works with the default.
My Add-ons page tells me Default theme is incompatible… ( Despite my using it. )

Apparently Chrome can do Greasemonkey now. How to get wierdaaron’s “SDMB-improving Greasemonkey script”? Other thread too long.


What really sucks is that FFvB doesn’t work on Firefox 4, and the author says it never will, as he no longer has time to fix it.

Fortunately, 4.0 is the last big realease Mozilla will be doing for quite a long while: they are going to the browser development method of other browsers, only making incremental changes, but still upping version number quite quickly. 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0 are all slated to come out this year, but none of them should break compatibility with 4.0.

Try installing a nightly build of Greasemonkey -

Thanks, Kal. I’ll try this as soon as I can. Does anybody know if wierdaaron is still here? I haven’t seen him in ages.

Has anyone else experienced this after upgrading Firefox to v. 4? Other Linux users, perhaps? And most importantly: Does anyone have a suggestion for fixing the image/video preview?
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I feel like people are talking about me…


Hi wierdaaron. I figured that since you were the one who made the script, you might have some ideas as to how to make it work in FF4. As I wrote above some of the functionality is intact (flags, frames around your own posts, tags), but the preview functions are gone. Unfortunately I am absolutely clueless when it comes to coding, so I went here in search for help.

Reading the dope without image preview just feels so … backwards all of a sudden. I swear, it’s like a drug.

I can take a quick look at it sometime today. To be honest I haven’t looked at the code in ages as I haven’t been coming here regularly. Hopefully it’s something stupid and easy.

wierdaaron, would you be interested in posting it someplace public where people can download it without having to bug you?

That would be great! And btw: I didn’t open this thread in an attempt to get you to revisit your old code, seriously: If you don’t feel like doing it, then just let it rest. I was merely hoping that someone with the proper skills would give it a go. I think the script is a great idea, and I really enjoy using it. It would be a shame if it just disappeared because of a browser update.

An initial sweep makes it look like a jquery compatibility issue. I tried updating it to the newest version and it fixes image previews and breaks everything else (MAH BORDERS!!!).

For a temporary fix, if you know how to edit your greasemonkey scripts you can comment out line 90 (starts with if (x + $("#imagePrevImg’)…).

Otherwise I’ll try to have an updated version you can install manually shortly.

Yes. I was able to download the script when I don’t think I was supposed to, but it’s incredibly useful and I love it. The highlight feature is very handy in MPSIMS type threads where you tend to await the OP’s return and explanations (then forget who the OP was). And I’ve had no real issues thus far with it in 4.0.

Aaron, I completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable publishing the script for good, but FWIW I think a lot of people would find it quite useful if you did, warning that the script is not undergoing any further development.

Seriously. We had that recent thread where someone made a zombie thread alert Greasemonkey script, and I mentioned that it seemed to conflict with wierdaaron’s script and was actually very surprised when a lot of people had no idea what I was talking about. How do you surf the Dope without this thing turned on?! IMO it’s crucial.

I have to constantly remind myself that other people don’t see my posts highlighted.

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