Wife has an interview today

Wanted to post this, not only to let folks know what is going on with me and my family, but also to let the other job seekers know that things can pop up from unanticipated sources.

I realize that our situations is far more comfortable than many, as I have retained my well-paying job. Mrs D is trying to rejoin the full-time working world after 15 years of part-time work while raising our kids. After maybe 6 months of consistent daily effort with only one interview to show for it, she pretty much scaled back her efforts as the unrequited search was taking too much out of her and the possibilities seemed so dim.

A month or 2 back she applied for a job where I happened to know a couple of people (not the job with my shop I posted about before.) I called one of them; my wife ended up getting a “no thanks” letter citing the thousands of folk who had applied, but afterwards the guy and I went out for lunch. I really enjoyed getting back in touch with him and we made plans to do it again soon.

2 weeks ago out of the blue the guy called me up to see if Mrs D had found anything. Turns out he had accepted a new job and his new shop was hiring. I told him they’d do well to hire her, but he’d be better off talking with my wife than I as to her specific experience and such.

She called him and sent in a resume, and yesterday they called her and asked if she could come in for an interview today. Apparently a 30-minute interview with 3 people, including my friend. No idea how many openings they have, how many candidates they are interviewing, or how their hiring process goes. And the job pays way less than she had hoped, but it looks really interesting, should be great experience, and certainly pays more than she is currently making at her part-time gig which she is sick and tired of.

I’ll let you know how things turn out. But it is nice for her to at least get an interview. And I wanted to toss this out as an example of never knowing where good news might come from.

Yay! Fingers crossed for Mrs. Dinsdale.

Sending out lucky thoughts!

Networking can pay big dividends, as can being a nice guy to everyone. Best of luck to your wife.

Yeah - I got a corner on THAT market! :stuck_out_tongue:

She said it went pretty well. Now we wait.
They have to get various approvals - said 2 weeks would be the earliest she might hear.
So I ain’t gonna spend the money quite yet …

Congrats and best wishes to Mrs. D!

Mrs. Mustard has been looking for work for a year and a half. She got a call yesterday from a place she interviewed at 2 months ago. They offered, she accepted. :smiley: They gave her a start date of two weeks from now.

But then, her new boss called yesterday evening, wanting to know if she could start tomorrow (today). So…she’s at work right now. :D:D

Not meant to hijack, just offering a ray of hope to those who are looking. Good things can happen.

I’d better get dinner going. :smiley:

Great news for your wife!
I figure it is likely that nothing will happen until she completely gives up - and then she’ll be offered 2 jobs in quick succession. Or she’ll accept something she doesn’t really want, only to immediately receive an offer from someone who she hasn’t heard from for months.
Meanwhile, she starts teaching a new semester’s worth of classes tomorrow.
I’m betting on whatever will be the most stressful and inconvenient. :cool:

Now get into that kitchen and make some noise wth those pots and pans!

See… it is Who YOU know and who She blows!

YAY for Mrs. Dinsdale!

Well, good for her! I hope it ends with an offer!

Good for your wife, getting an interview. Fingers are crossed.

And thank you for letting the rest of us know there really are jobs out there. I’ve been out for a while and sometimes I wonder… I alternate between sending out resumes everyday, etc. to doing nothing. This week I’m in the nothing mode… I need a breather.

I’m on my own and thankfully still collecting unemployment which covers everything. Just. Can’t complain though; others have it worse.

No word - but it has only been a week and they said 2 weeks would be quick.
She said they had 1 immediate opening and the possibility of 2 more depending on funding, and they interviewed 5 people.

Really tough to not think too much about it as it drives you crazy and will just make it more depressing should she not get it. Meanwhile, last week she started another semester of teaching. It would be an understatement to say that she is ready to be done with that job!

Any news, Dinsdale?

Still putting in some good vibes for your wife, Dinsdale.

Thanks, all. (Well - 2!;))

Nope - still no word. They didn’t give her a definite date, only said that the last guy they hired (my buddy) it took 2 weeks, which they considered fast. Today is 2 weeks after the interview, so we hope to hear any day.

It is such a balancing act - you keep finding your mind turning to it, but you have to be careful it does not consume you. And tho you know your partner is thinking the same thing, you don’t want to bring it up and have it dominate your every discussion.

The one thing I’ve been thinking is, if they were going to reject her right away, it wouldn’t have taken them 2 weeks to do so, no?

Agh! The waiting! Fingers still crossed for you and your wife, Dinsdale.

In my time working for small companies, I have learned that small companies have every bit as hard a time hiring, as many people do finding jobs. With so few people, a good fit is essential and the unsolicited applications don’t exactly come pouring in.

My husband recently convinced his boss to hire my friend’s roommate. It’s working out great.

Wife called my buddy today - he said she was not in the top group of candidates to whom they were extending offers. Said they were impressed with her, but were going with folk who had more direct experience in their area.

She sent in another app over the weekend to a place where I know some people. I’ll make a few calls.

Definitely hard to stay enthusiastic about it …

Ah, that’s a bummer.

I know what you mean about maintaining the enthusiasm. I’ve been trying to help my sister find a job for a couple of years now. (She actually has one, but it’s not enough for her to live on.) I make a conscious effort to remind her (and myself) that while she can contribute toward getting a job, she can’t ultimately control it. The important thing is that she’s keeping at it and doing all the right things. On occasion, we make a point of celebrating the little accomplishments (“I applied for at least one job every day this month!”) to keep our spirits up.

So in your case, you can celebrate the fact that, even though she didn’t have direct experience in this area, she impressed them. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Keep up the good work, Mrs. D!

Aw. That’s too bad. Something will come up eventually - it always does.

I’m sorry she didn’t get it.