Wife just diagnosed with cervical cancer

My wife (age 35) was just diagnosed with Stage I cervical cancer. Yikes. This is on top of her MS and fibro issues.

Right now, she’s mostly mad at the medical office, because the test was done on 10/28; her doctor was on vacation, yet the office (which is large) didn’t see fit to call and tell her this.

Cripes. Best of luck to both of you. Any word on how treatable it is?

Stage I cervical cancer is scary, but treatable. With MS and fibro its going to be a tough treatment, but a year from now, chances are REALLY good that she will be nearly her old self.

Best wishes and good luck. Take care of her and yourself. Any cancer diagnosis is scary.

Good thoughts to you. My wife got up to stage 2 and is still with us (20 years later) with no recurrence.

She – and you – are in my thoughts and prayers.

I have a friend who was diagnosed with Stage 1 cervical cancer several months ago. She was nervous at first, but her dr reassured her that it was very treatable. After some testing and minor surgery, she’s cancer free. She has to get pap smears more often to make sure it stays away, but that’s about it. Keep your chins up.

Yoiks. Yeah, Stage I should be eminently treatable. I’d be pissed at the doc’s office too! Admittedly, 2 weeks at this stage isn’t a HUGE deal but sheesh!!!

[wiseass mode on]
What? The MS and fibro weren’t enough? Boy, she’s a real thrill-seeker!!! [/wiseass]

(if you and she aren’t quite in the mood for wisecracks yet, my apologies, I just tend to try to look for the absurd no matter how shitty the situation).

Wow, best wishes to your wife! I’m sure she’ll pull through fine.

I’m in a battle about this right now too. I had a pap last fall that showed high grade something-or-other and the letter scared the crap out of me. Subsequent doctors have all said things like ‘you haven’t been referred for a colposcopy YET?’ Finally, my current (good) fertility doctor got me in for December 30, so fingers crossed all goes well.

… and it’s good. Probably.

The doctor called back. Turns out she misread the test, and the cells are still cancerous, but of a type that usually resolve themselves. The doctor (NOT an OB-GYN, but her primary care physician) said she doesn’t need to do anything except have another Pap smear in 6 months.

While this is good, it leaves us with many unanswered questions, and we plan to next visit a specialist for a second opinion. The doctor also spoke too fast for my wife to entirely understand (thanks, MS!) so if anyone has a good idea as to what she might have been talking about - a link to a good explanation would be appreciated.

Thanks to all who wished us luck. Hopefully we won’t need more of it!

Best wishes and good vibes headed your way from Casa Scarlett. Remember, they say that a positive attitude works wonders. And if you have to have a cancer, Stage I is the one you want.

Eesh…yeah, a second opinion definitely is the right call here. Hope everything comes up clear!

Can I say something all hopeful and positive?

I have an aunt who had early stage cervical cancer in her 20’s, like your wife. Back then it was VERY scary, I mean, you didn’t even say the word “cancer”.

My aunt will be 76 this year. She has never had a relapse and has been cancer-free over 50 years.

So hell yes it’s treatable! In fact, given a half century of medical progress I’d say even more so now than then.

May your wife have equally good fortune!

I think I would be looking for a new primary care physician as well. Waiting three weeks to give results, and then misdiagnosing them? Unacceptable.

That’s my takeaway too.

Defintiely get the second opinion. You don’t want to sit on this if it is cancer and since the doctor’s office has been less than inspiring, don’t take their word for anything at this point.

Good luck and all that. Treatable, definitely. And, I am calling tomorrow to book a Pap smear, its been a bit too long…