Wifely action.

So, last night after work, I go for a bike ride.

I come home and the house smells like bacon as my wife is making carbonara. That’s always a welcome smell.

After eating and cleaning, we sit down to watch a little tube before Scrubs comes on.

So, I’m in my PJs and my wife beater, no socks. Col’ chillin, dig. The wife says to me, “K. offered us front row tickets to The Eagles tonight.”

Me: :eek: "Why didn’t you take them? "

“Well, you’re always ripping on the Eagles.”

“Yeah, but it’s still the friggin’ Eagles. Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Glen Frey.”

“Well, you had the bike ride planned.”

“Well, can we call K?” (it’s about 8:45 at this point)

“No, she was getting rid of the tickets because she’s leaving town, and she’s already left.”

Anyway. . .dang! I’m not a huge fan, but you’re still talking about some damn good songs, good musicians, and I coulda dug on Joe Walsh from the front row for a couple hours.

You’re better off. Plus, if you like the songs, why rag on them?

I’m sorry, Trunk. At the same time, on the available evidence, I’m a big fan of your wife.

Your wife listens to your likes and dislikes and thought enough of them to let you have your solo ride, which you enjoy and may add a minute or so to your life span, and makes you a very nice dinner into the bargain, *instead of * attending a free concert and having an attached night out that she might have enjoyed very much. In my experience an event-oriented night out is much prized among wives regardless of the event itself. But the mere fact that you dislike the Eagles (The Eagles? Where’s my style manual?) was enough for her to make the sacrifice, and she did you the honor of assuming that you mean what you say. So, maybe, a missed chance, but one grounded every step of the way in concern for only one criteria: “Gee, what would Trunk want?”

I know you feel the same way: the way you told the story proves it. I don’t know why you put this in the Pit, though: it sounds like the prelude to a love story every bit as deep and moving as Gift of the Magi. Forget the Eagles and turn to a better band: you may not have gotten what you want, but it sounds as though you’ve got what you need.

Best regards and wishes.

It’s mostly good natured raggin’, but I think she took it too far. “I’ve got a peacefulllll easy feeelin’” (yikes).

Still, just try to keep me from an awesome air guitar solo when “Hotel California” comes on.

Also, she knows I worship “The Dude” and he would never have gone to see the Eagles.

King of Soup. . .she is a catch. I don’t think she wanted to go see the Eagles too much either.

But I think she did put together:

Trunk + Eagles = Bad

Trunk + bike ride = Good

Trunk + bacon = Better

What she failed to consider was

Trunk + Getting his opinion = Best.

She knows now. . .I guess for the next time we’re offered front row tickets to the Eagles.

Chalk me up as someone else who wishes he had your problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? No compensatory bj? :rolleyes:

Dog, quit yo’ trippin’?! Just be glad you didn’t have to listen to “Hotel California” … again.

Forgive the ignorance and the hijack, but what is a “wife beater?”

Zev Steinhardt

A white tank-top. It seems like those disagreeable wifebeating guys you always see on Cops or hear about in trailer park stories are usually wearing them, and the name caught on.

Wifebeater (the undershirt, not necessarily the guy)

“She hit first! It’s canonical!”

Why on god’s green earth would she tell you hours after the fact that she turned down the tickets? What did she think would be accomplished by offering up this tidbit of information?

Dude, take it easy. Quit acting like such a desparado and have another tequila sunrise. So you got a little heartache tonight from your witchy woman. On the whole, I think you must sit back and say “Life’s been good to me, so far.”

Holy shit. I hate to tell you, but I saw them last year in concert and it was absolutely fucking amazing. Best show I’ve ever seen, bar none. Sucks, man.

I’m with BoBettie on this one. I like the Eagles, but I’m not a HUGE fan. We went to see them a few months ago and they were just absolutely bloody brilliant. The performance was outstanding, and given the chance, I’d go to one again.


Like the effort, but feel compeled to be a dick and point out that “Life’s Been Good to Me” was a Joe Walsh solo effort, and while it does rock, no more belongs in that sentence than you telling him to be nice to his wife and take her out for a fancy Hollywood Night.

Sorry you missed the show dude, they are an awsome live band, but at least she thoght she was doing right by you.

It was just so matter of fact. “oh yeah, K. offered us front row tickets to the Eagles tonight.” I literally made this face: :eek:

Shook my head back and forth to wipe it off, and then it came back: :eek:

Like I said, I rag on the Eagles occasionally. I think she took it to mean, “I guess he hates the Eagles.”

Seriously though, I don’t know if she gets the classic rock hierarchy. Back then, top tier might have been your Led Zeppelin, The Who, Beatles, Rolling Stones. But that next tier down was your Eagles, your CSN. You don’t turn down anything in that tier.

Insult to injury: I told you we were killing time before Scrubs. I think that what I was actually doing was watching Nikko Smith mangle some piece of crap tune from some piece of crap musical on American Piece of Crap. (not that I don’t actually watch it from time to time)

Yesterday, I was dropping hints. I told her “I like the way your sparkling earrings lay against your skin so white.”

Especially if she’s wearing those shoes.

Which of the two guys are you referring to anyway … ? :smiley:

I know, I know. I fully expected somebody to point that out to me, but I Joe Walsh is close enough to the Eagles that I felt justified in taking a little poetic license for the sake of a funnier post.

I dig where you’re coming from, Trunk (I’m working on my 70’s lingo - you like?). My reaction would have been the same - best option is asking for my opinion, not making a decision for me.

Speaking of missed concerts, Prince came through Calgary a couple of years ago, and played a spur-of-the-moment very small venue - that we found out about the next morning. There are not enough slap-head smileys in the world. Jim has seen Prince before, and says it is the best concert he has ever seen, and he’s seen quite a few. (According to him, Celine Dion used to be really good too, before she got all famous and stuff. You can’t deny the power of her pipes.)