Wii Friend Codes - a link to the past


Rather than resurrect that old thread (or others like it), I thought I’d start a new Wii friend code thread. I just got Super Smash Brothers Brawl and would love to play some of you!

My code is 2320-6328-8239.

I’d love to be able to share my Wii’s, but being not too technilogically inclined, I have no idea how to connect my Wii to the Interweb.

The only way I know is with a wireless connection. If you have wireless you should be able to connect. Many of the games have an in-game option to connect to what they call the Nintendo WFC.

I’m techno-savvy, but as a new Wii owner I can’t find my console code. I’ve searched through various menus, with no luck. Where do I find it?

To connect to the 'net while playing Brawl: On the main menu in the lower left is a circular button labeled “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection”. Select it. A menu will pop up asking if you want to connect to Nintendo WFC. Select Yes.

The Smash Bros Brawl code is different from your console code. To find:

  1. Your console code, start from the Wii Menu and select the envelope in the lower right hand corner. Then select the button that has a pencil and paper on it, and finally the envelope in the middle. Hit the - button until the front cover of your address book appears. It will have two smiley faces on it and your console’s Wii number.

  2. Your Brawl code, start from the Brawl main menu. Connect to the Nintendo WFC. Select “With Friends,” then “Friend Roster.” At the top of the screen will be your Brawl code, a 12-digit number. This is also where you can add others’ codes.

Antinor01, I’ve added your code. The very last post of the thread to which you linked has mine as well as a dozen or so other Dopers’.

Is anyone interested in trading console codes?

I’ll have to check it out when my new Wii arrives later this month. I don’t know if I can – my DS doesn’t have the wherewithal to connect to my locked-down WPA wireless network though.