Wii game similar to Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

:smiley: I remember playing a game with my kids in the 1990’s called “Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle”. I would like to find games similar to that for the Wii system.

My husband and I would like to play. We also have a 5 YO grandson that we would like to play the game with.

Can you recommend any games? Thank you. :slight_smile:

There were 4 sequels I think on various systems, though not for the Wii. Have you played those?

On the wii, I’m hard pressed to think of any. I don’t think any of the originals were released for download, either.

What spicifically did you like about it? I have a pretty fuzzy memory of the gameplay so it’s hard to come up with something similar. You could always try this pretty active Wii forum, these people know their games. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/930752-nintendo-wii

As Mahaloth suggested, I think the game most similar to Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle is… Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (2,3, etc).

I for one did like the game a lot though, especially when I was younger.