Wii Music

I’m a bit conflicted about this game. Or “game”. It’s not really a game in the traditional sense of a rhythm game, and I’m not sure if it’d be fun in the traditional “accomplishment” model of gaming fun.

On the other hand, it appears to be a rather interesting “band” simulation. You play the music, you improvise how you like, and you make it sound good.

GOOD Wii music videos are really quite fun to listen to, like a re-mix of the original tune, but bad Wii music videosare… ugh.

Has anyone gotten it yet?

The music selection looks like crap, to be honest. That’s what’s prevented me from getting it

I’ve been badmouthing and bashing this game to anyone who will listen, mainly over the unforgivable tracklisting, but that second video is straight out of a Jodorowsky film. I was drinking water and did an honest-to-god spit take at 1:00. I kind of think I need to own this now.

I think I should say that I’m not expecting this to be a Guitar Hero or Rock Band - I don’t want to play the most “perfect” Freebird ever; that’s not the aim of Wii Music. I totally get why fans of those titles won’t like Wii Music.

I’m more interested in the people who do things like thisin Mario Paint. Halfway between playing a real instrument/arranging a song, and halfway a game.

I’m at work, and couldn’t hear it. Those are strange. I haven’t been up on my Wii games lately, because I’m having cash flow issues… but what a wierd little game.

What is with the dog and cat suits?

I think they go “meow” and “woof” when you play a note with them. There was also the cheerleader who said “Yay!” for the note.

It’s an interesting concept for a software toy (I wouldn’t call it a game). I think I’d like playing with it but I’m not really sure it would hold my interest for long.

We’re starting to get interesting now!

Mario Theme - Jazz Style

Wii Music twinkle livada

One more! Zelda - Swing Style

This game is getting clowned in the press as a real POS. Whether you compare it to GH or RB it doesn’t matter. Reviewers are in agreement that the song selection is atrocious, controls suck, it’s not a game and is not fun. Nintendo missed the mark badly on this and I’m glad they did. They need to pull their head out of their ass and start putting actual GAMES back into development and throttle back on the bullshit watered down trash software.

Wii Sports could have been released as a GC game with Wii style controllers as an accessory. The Wii is definitely NOT that place to go to play games unless you want to close our eyes and turn off your brain.

Enjoy Wii music Justin Bailey!

I want my money back on my Wii.

Blah, that was painful. The one thing that’s really been irritating me about Nintendo is that they cling on to their franchises for dear life. It’s also the reason that I prefer to play videogames with the music off if possible, I like to crank up my own tunes while I play.

I also wish they could cut out the shovelware and bring back the Nintendo Seal of Approval. (Although, I’ve got the IGN app on my iPhone so I can seperate the wheat from the chaff at Gamestop).