Reccomend me some Wii games!

I’ve played and loved Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy, but I’m looking for something new and coming up blanks.

I liked Super Paper Mario because of its quirkiness. Okay, so the story was kinda hacky and the 4 abilities TEAM! dynamic kinda gimicky, but it had character. I especially liked Francis. :wink: I’ve completed it, but frankly, the gameplay isn’t compelling enough to make me want to go through it again and collect all the cards and whatnot, although it was quite gripping the first time through.

Then, there’s Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve finished the main storyline… or rather, non-storyline, and am up to 105 stars, but I keep going because the exploratory/puzzle gameplay is just so compelling! And each world has its own style that really makes you want to see what comes next… but I’m running on fumes now, the last few stars are simply too HARD to get, and I’m need a new fix to keep me going.

One game which I DO have which was highly rated, and which I am completely ambivalent towards, is Boom Blox. Seriously, this game… bores me. There’s no compelling character in the game, no exploration, and the puzzling is… meh. That’s the last time I’ll buy a game on ratings alone.

The next game I’m anticipating is Pikmin - it looks like exactly the kind of game I’d love, but it’s not released yet, and as far as I know there isn’t even a date for when it’ll be released! Sigh.

I’m thinking hard about Chocobo Dungeon, even though the randomly generated dungeons thing kinda puts me off, simply because there doesn’t seem to be any other game which appeals… Although I might be interested in the concept of No More Heroes, the whole gore thing really puts me off. I’m similarly unsure about Smash Brothers - I like fighters in the abstract, but they tend to get boring after a while, especially when the computer falls for the same stupid tricks over and over again. And storyline generally isn’t the high point of fighters. Mario Kart is another similarly highly rated game which I’m suspicious of - I’m not sure if I’ll like kart racers. I certainly don’t like “Daytona” type racers, but I’m not sure if the whole weapon/whacky track dynamic will change my mind.

To give examples of other games which I loved, Sonic Adventures (Dreamcast), Grandia II(DC), Psychonauts (PC), Portal (OMG PORTAL), Fallout 2 (PC), Diablo II (PC).

So… anyone with any good suggestions?

I’m playing Okami right now, and I’m quite enjoying it. If you enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy, and enjoy games with story and style, I think you’d like it.

Do you know you can buy the Gamecube Pikmin games and play them on your Wii? It’d be a good warmup if you’re highly anticipating Pikmin Wii. Also, have you looked through the Virtual Console and WiiWare shops? There are some great games on there for $5 - $10.

Pikmin was good and fun for GameCube. If you want yourself some Pikmin, get the old version.

I hadn’t thought of that! Gamecube, hmmmm.

I can’t buy anything off the VC, though. Damned regional lockout. Yeah, put in a licencing scheme which prevents people from buying your stuff, that’s a good idea. :mad:

Mario Kart Wii is a fantastic game. It’s at least worth a shot.

I’m not sure anything I suggest would be any good because your list at the end doesn’t include too many games I’ve played but have you tried the Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Batman games? Tons of personality and some fun platforming.

I also have to second Cisco’s recommendation of the VC/WiiWare. Mega Man 9 has sucked in more than a few Dopers and almost all of the big hits from the NES/SNES era are up on the Virtual Console.

Huh? Where do you live that the VC doesn’t exist?


Did you buy a console from a region other than the one you live in?

Yes, Singapore. I can browse the US VC if I set my country codes to the US, but without any Wii points, there’s hardly any use in that. I was all ready to get Mega Man 9,as in had my credit card out and everything, when I found out I ha to enter a zip code to get Wii points… Grrr.

Irritates the hell outta me.

Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic survival horror game, and may be my favorite game of all time. It can be intense/scary though.

I will repeat my usual mantra of Boom Blox, Excite Truck, and I hear the new Wario Land is good but short.

Pikmin is ordered off ebay! :smiley:

I’m still open to suggestions though! I thought de blob looked interesting, but I dunno…

No More Heroes is great, but if you don’t like gore don’t get it. Part of the point of the satire in the game is everything is done to excess. The gore is really, really comical, it’s so over the top it’s near impossible to get grossed out by it. The same applies to sexuality and some insults in the game. The game is like “okay, let’s take everything all those suits are complaining about and take it to such extreme levels no one can take it seriously.” It also makes fun of games in general something fierce, all while being fun to play (though it sort of lost its luster after getting 999,999 of the local currency to buy my uber0battery for my weapon).

SSBB is definitely a “with friends” fighter, the story is good in that you can tell what’s going on, and it’s actually pretty epic. Everyone is a heroic (or evil) mime though, so you have to fill in any dialogue yourself as its all body language, there’s no text either. It can last you for a while, but without people to play with it’ll be on your shelf in a month.

Have you tried Zelda? It’s a very story heavy action-adventure. It’s relatively goreless, and has a great story. There’s not much in the way of collecting like SMG, meaning you CAN go after every heart piece and golden bug and whatnot, but it won’t reveal any more story like SMG’s stars. But it’s a good 40 hour adventure even if you don’t hunt around for optional stuff.

You could try Sonic and the Secret Rings, it’s not like Sonic Adventure, as it’s on rails. But it has some great platforming, though the mission-base gameplay gets kind of old eventually. I’m probably blinded by my Sonic fanboism though.

Also: Check the genre before you buy, you obviously like story-based games with a world (in fact the pattern seems to be platformers, adventures, and RPGs, much like my choices), Boom Blox is a good game from what I’ve heard, but you have to be able to forgive anything with story because it wasn’t made for that. Games like Guitar Hero and DDR are the same way, they’re fun to PLAY, but they’re definitely not for anyone expecting anything resembling a story. Never buy based on a number score, buy based on the text of the review, if it never mentions a story, no matter how good the game is you probably won’t like it.

Boom Blox is really a multiplayer game. If you’re looking for a single player epic, you should probably look elsewhere, but I have not yet found a game as engrossing for four casual players. I think it’s Bombardment mode where each player has a little fort and you have to destroy the ones of your foes. It’s a hoot. Obligatory Penny Arcade link.

They sell cards with codes in the stores. If you get one of those, do you still have to put in a zip code? MM9 is definitely worth the download.

I’ll put in a vote for Okami. It’s just a beautiful game, even if the actual gameplay elements don’t quite do it for me. I’m also a big fan of No More Heroes, but if you’re put off by gore at all (and can’t get over that) it’s not going to do it for you.

If a big, rich FPS-type game is what you’re looking for, you won’t do better than Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.