Will 2016 Be a Year of 'Doom' For Me?

I know some of you might find it hard to believe. But every 12 years, I have a year in my life that really really sucks. I won’t go into morbid detail. But every 12th year for me is a tragic one. And there has never been an exception to this rule.

And now, 2016 will be the next year in my life, in this unending cycle of doom. I guess then I asking all of you, what can I do about it?

Now, I don’t personally believe in astrology. But hey, I would be willing even to entertain suggestions involving this (I am a Cancer, BTW). (Yeah, it does seem odd, the number 12. What meaning does that have in astrology,numerology, ETC.?)

Also, 2016 will be the 20 year anniversary of my mother’s death, which will be bad enough (she was a very good mother–and a powerful influence on my life even to this day).

So, what do the rest of you think about it all?


(P.S. I am not anticipating horrible loss or anything, of course. [I certainly wouldn’t post if I was expecting to die or something:cool:.])

I just don’t think it’s a big enough sample size, and also I doubt that bad things happen in certain “cycles.”

Nope. The year of doom is every 12 years, but skips every Xth cycle, so you are safe.

From a chinese zodiac point of view, there are steps you can take. What year in the chinese zodiac were you born?

Maybe you can arrange to skip 2016 altogether. Go see Interstellar. Maybe it will give you some useful ideas.

Is this the first time you’ve actually noticed the cyclic pattern? If not (and this time in any case) there could be an element of self-fulfilling prophecy about it.

I mean, if you think you’re going to have a bad day/week/year/etc, this pessimism can often tangibly alter the choices you make and be the very cause of the problem.

Break out of the cycle by deciding that 2016 will be an exception to the rule, then act on that decision by making deliberate choices that bring about non-sucky outcomes.

You can’t control some of the things that happen to you. So direct your efforts toward those things that you can control.

My wife believes that every birthday that’s a multiple of 12 is a crisis year (because of the Chinese zodiac), but she claims it’s supposed to alternate good-bad-good-bad, etc. Of course, she ignores all good and bad things that don’t happen in those years so that it makes a much neater pattern…

Doom is yesterday, man. Quake is new, and here to stay!

Is your wife Japanese? My wife (Japanese) seems to believe in the words of Kazuko Hosoki, a Japanese fortune teller who claims that people’s lives run in a 12-year cycle with certain years in the cycle being “good,” and others being “bad.” The problem of course is that “good” and “bad” are completely subjective, and the goodness/badness of a year always gets evaluated with full awareness of what the Hosoki’s forecast was, i.e. “yep, this was a good/bad year, just like she said it would be.” It’s an example of subjective validation.

When my mother dies, I will surely regard the year in which it happens as one of the worst in my life. Presumably you do as well, but it’s interesting to note that her death 20 years ago doesn’t seem to fit your claimed 12-year pattern. Moreover, why is the 20th anniversary of her death exceptionally bad for you (as opposed to the 19th anniversary, or the first anniversary, or even the year in which it happened)? This looks like a good example of subjective validation, in that you are ascribing an exceptional level of “bad” to the 20th anniversary because to do otherwise would not fit with your preconceived notion of a 12-year cycle of calamity. If you can admit that to yourself, then maybe you won’t be so sensitive to the truly bad things that do happen to you next year - and you won’t be so blind to the truly good things that happen, either.

You’re screwed!

Mostly because you already think you are. Every year likely has some negatives in it and you have confirmation bias set in your mind already. Your mom’s absence from your life isn’t any less significant this year than it will be next year. I also note that her death, which had to be one of the big challenges in your life, wasn’t part of the 12 year cycle. It happened completely separate from that cycle. Going in expecting the worst may prevent you from taking action that would produce good things (because you’ll overestimate the risks in a year that’s part of the “unending cycle of doom.”)

The way to influence the observed trend is to ignore it and actively hunt the good things in your life as you go.

You could try embracing the dark side and spend all of 2016 dressing in black, reading horror stories and listening to satanic heavy metal.

Practically speaking, you could alleviate any harm by building up a rainy day fund and stockpiling canned beans and shotguns. Also, do proactive home improvement in 2015, such as fixing things permanently instead of duct taping it and putting it off for the future.

I expected to see a flood a abuse here, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the restraint. I will just say, Jim B., without sarcasm or any intent to belittle you, that this sounds like pure superstition to me, with a dose of confirmation bias thrown in. Good and bad things will happen in 2016 to you and to everyone. Such is life.

On the other hand, that’s over a year from now. If it motivates you to live life to the fullest next year in anticipation of the downturn, then hey, go for it. Let’s all party like it’s 2015!

According to the place mat of a Chinese restaurant I once went to, I was born under the sign of the Monkey.

What you need my friend, is a protection amulet. Peoples who believe in cycles of doom seem to find them exceedingly helpful. As you are putting stock in the cycle, I say jump right in and make yourself an amulet. It’s not hard, it’s kind of fun, and besides what do you have to lose at this point? You admit you need protection, right?

You need a locket or something you can wear around your neck, if your Mom had one that would be ideal, and a great place to start. If not you could always buy one. A shame you’re not in a country where such things are at hand, but never mind, you can make do with anything really!

I wish you Good Luck, regardless!,