Will a thread on the Trans industry get me banned?

There are several market studies showing that sex reassignment is a growth industry being promoted by cosmetic surgery companies. Growth is based on promotion rather than a pathology. Reporting is based on a market size rather than an epidemic.

I would like to start a discussion using links to market reports and Johns Hopkins analysis. Probably in GD or IMHO. Would that get me banned?

Do you mean like “studies” by Partners for Ethical Care, whose motto is “Our mission is to raise awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. We believe that no child is born in the wrong body”?

This is what was relayed to you by the Mod Staff, so yes, I think it would get you a long suspension. I’m glad you asked first.

  1. Crane is banned from discussing trans-related issues until further notice. We felt that Crane can be a constructive member of the board on other topics, but needs to refrain from further comments on this one. The ban will be posted.

I’m closing this until @engineer_comp_geek can decide if he wants to reopen it. As this is specific to Crane and not to the board in general, I think it might be best to end the thread here unless I misinterpreted the specific instruction labeled #1.