Will any Republican Senators abandon the Republican party in the near future?

Apparently Senator Murkowski has called on Trump to resign and has claimed that she’s not sure if she can continue to be a Republican. Given the toxicity of the last few days, do you expect any Senators to leave the Republican Party in the near future giving Democrats a better hold on the Senate? I’m not saying they’ll become Democrats, but they may simply slide to Independent. I could easily see Chuck Grassley and Mitt Romney disavowing any loyalty to the Republican party.

Do you think we might see an exodus of say 5 or 10 Senators in the next few weeks?

No. Conservatives are conservative, it would not be in their nature. They wouldn’t have anywhere to go as none of them really agree with the DP platform - a Blue Dog Democrat like Manchin is a screaming liberal compared to someone like Romney. Also anyone who climbs that high in the political hierarchy is not itching to be put out in the cold.

A defection or two is highly, highly unlikely IMHO, but I guess not totally insane. Five or ten would be absolute crazypants. I can’t imagine it, but this has been one crazy-ass year.

Honestly I expect zero, but we’ll see what Murkowski does.

No. They’ll issue tepid protests while they are in office, then speak out after they leave office, but they’ll placate the crazies and the fascists when they actually have power.

And Susan Collins will express her “concern”.