Will anybody be working on Christmas day?

I know it falls on a Saturday this year, but if you have a job that requires you to work on Christmas, it’s probably not a job that goes by a Monday-Friday schedule anyway.

My niece is now a Physician’s Assistant, and she will be working Christmas Day.

I used to have a job at a hotel in my 20s for a few years while working my way through college, and I worked most of the major holidays-- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve.

Kudos to everybody who works on Christmas and other holidays, keeping the wheels of civilization turning for those of us who don’t!

Since you posted this in Factual Questions, the factual answer is: Yes. There will be someone, somewhere, working on Christmas day.

OK, smart aleck. You remind me of my mom when I asked “can I eat another cookie?” “Yes, you can eat another cookie. You may not eat another cookie”.

I guess I should have either posted in another forum or asked “will you be working on Christmas day?”

My shop is 24/7/365, so, yes, people will be working. That goes for our detention centers, police, public works and fire, and rescue as well. As always, I’ll be (as well as my senior staff) on call if anything comes up. We don’t have any specific projects this Christmas/New Year (we generally do a lot of projects during this time period since a lot of people are off and it’s a ghost town at most of our facilities) so it will just be support for those still working and if any emergencies happen.

My daughter is working and until 5pm. :frowning:
She works at a lab that these days mostly does COVID testing results.

We’re having Christmas dinner across the state* so she’ll be lucky to make it by 6pm. Hopefully the weather is good and traffic light by then.

Only good side is she’s getting a $500 gift card bonus for working the shift. That’s a sizable bonus for her.

* At least across New Jersey really isn’t that far.

No, Friday & Saturday are my regular days off.

But if there is voluntary OT I’ll take it. Overtime on a holiday that falls on an off day and a weekend to boot is very rare and pays triple time. That would be $126/hour. Plus I get an additional 8 hours holiday pay or comp time at straight time. I’d be insane not to take that! Shit, I’d work double shifts on XMas and XMas eve for that.

Plus in my 61 years I have never observed Christmas. Just another day.

Every year this is asked and every year I say yes :slight_smile:. We’re 24/7 and Saturday is a normal work day for me (I’m typically off Sun/Mon). I do have some seniority and could throw my weight around a tiny bit if I chose. But I am not religious, don’t celebrate Christmas in any real sense these days and I don’t have kids. So I tend to defer to my junior co-worker who is, does and does. Plus I get paid extra and I can see family Sunday, so no big deal from my perspective.

My current job is M-F 9 to 6, and doesn’t include holidays. But I have worked plenty of jobs where I had to work holidays. Both when I worked as a grocery store clerk, and when I worked at a hospital. I never minded working holidays because they were generally pretty chill.

Important work for sure. I hope she makes it to Christmas dinner on time!

Really? When I was putting the post together, the ‘Similar Posts’ window showed a very similar question asking if you had to work on TG or Christmas, but that dated back to Nov. '12. Apologies if It’s an overasked question. I do usually try to be at least a little original in my posting… :blush:

When I worked at hospitals and in psychiatric emergency response, I worked many shifts on Christmas and other holidays. Now I work all holidays because the insurance panels in which I participate require a response to my clients’ emergency calls within finite time spans, so unless I’m away and paying another therapist to cover my practice, I’m on duty.

We also ask for people who don’t mind working on Christmas (as a poster up thread indicated, we have a special shift differential for those who have to, so many do volunteer). For myself, it’s part of the job…it’s why they pay me the big bucks (:stuck_out_tongue: ). Part of that is being on call all the time.

I think I’ve told this story before.

I was working as a typographer, and we were having a party on Christmas Eve, looking forward to getting out early. The salesman came in and saw everyone sitting around. Next thing, he was on the phone to his clients, telling them we were sitting around with no work, and they should send over whatever they’ve got.

We wound up working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and throughout the weekend.

In an act of justice, the salesman died the following year.

Wow, there’s karma for you.

I won’t be grading papers by Christmas, but I will be trying to finish my dissertation by Jan 1, so yeah, I will probably be working.

Oh, no - not at all. It’s one of those questions that it makes sense to ask annually because for many people the response will differ from year to year. Just not me, usually :wink: .

A yes for me. A 24/7/365 place in an industry that exists so that others can travel.

What’s nice is I don’t have to endure static about which members of the family I do or do not visit, or even have to justify the fact that I just don’t feel like traveling at all. :wink:

Not me this year, but I have volunteered to work it several times in the past. It usually involves extra pay and is a good excuse from getting far to much family time.

Once, my brother’s MIL dressed me down for volunteering to work on Christmas. Excuse me ma’am, but I’ve already seen you three times this week, plus I’m being paid triple time for it and providing a needed service of monitoring and dispatching for a security service. It was a second job. I spent the day reading, playing computer days and asking police to drive by businesses that had alarms going off because the wind was so strong that day, it was triggering them. It was a relief to my ears and my checking account.

I get Friday off to observe Christmas. Since that day is technically Christmas Eve, I’m also getting Thursday off to observe that day.

At my old job I worked holidays all the time so I don’t mind the reprieve.

Sounds like he didn’t heed the warnings of the 3 spirits of Christmas.

How does a salesman have the power to do that— was he also the owner, or tight with the owner? I’ve had similar jobs, as a graphic artist, and if a salesman walked into our office Christmas party and announced we had to work through Christmas he would have been laughed at.

I used to get special pay for volunteering to work during some of the UT games. But never for Christmas. Everyone has their priorities here.

In answer to the OP, one of my kids is working through the Christmas holiday. He has a 5-day trip with Christmas in the middle. Last year he and his SO managed to coordinate their trips to intersect on Christmas day – and spent part of it together at the Newark airport. (They work for different airlines)

Harsh, but fair