Will anyone ever spank their spouse on tv again?

Remember when Ricky would turn Lucy over his knee and spank her? Can anyone ever see that happening in a modern tv show again?

Weeds had a few spanking scenes IIRC.

Not with clothes on, no.

Sheldon spanked Amy on “Big Bang Theory” earlier this season.

Maybe if we ever get that Ant Man tv series…

No, I don’t. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen the show.

Youtube video titled "Lucy’s Spankings.. Kind of nsfw.

Depends if they do a remake of other '50s shows.

“Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.”

It was a plot point on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that Marshall spanks Lily.

It was also an establishing character moment, in that he doesn’t do it hard enough.

Yeah, but how many modern examples have a genuine sense of punishment as the context?

Big Bang Theory. Amy liked it, though.

Aha. Though it seems significant that in that case, Sheldon has already been long established as “awkward” and strange, and thus can be “excused.”

For a half-twist on AMERICAN DAD, Stan won the argument about spanking their son by demonstrating for his skeptical wife that it’s not too too bad – by, y’know, spanking her; she enjoys the heck out of it, and so while he keeps thinking it’s genuinely about punishment, she soon makes a strong case that, hey, aren’t the failings of a son really the failings of his parent, such that his mom should reluctantly take the punishment he earned every time she fails to keep him in line? Huh? Please?

Lucy had the funniest spankings.

I always kinda wondered why Ricky was even with Lucy, I know it was a sitcom but man that was an odd relationship. I’m surprised Lucy didn’t manage to burn the apartment down every year or so lol.

When have you last seen an adult spanking their *child *on TV, without it being clearly portrayed as abuse? Spanking Just Isn’t Done these days… except as kink.

Didn’t black-ish just do an episode on spanking this fall?


I don’t remember an non-abusive relationships on that show.

Also, that was 10 years ago.

Yeah, pretty sure it will happen on an upcoming episode of a currently running tv show in a non-ironic way. More of a beating, really.