Will Chrome's sync bookmark feature grab bookmarks from other browsers and organize them?

I’ve been using Chrome for about six months now. Trouble is, hubby and I have used other browsers over the years – Netscape, Firefox, and IE mainly. I’ve exported and imported but I’m not at all sure I’ve got all bookmarks in Chrome. I’m loath to delete them from the other browsers for fear of losing them; they’re very disorganized – some listed under the original browser, some under our names, many duplicates, many that should be deleted. Finding a bookmark is a matter of trial and error. I’ve searched Chrome “help,” but it isn’t clear to me what Chrome’s bookmark sync feature will/can do. Ideally, I want to be sure I’ve got t all our bookmarks in Chrome (maybe organized also?) so we can delete, rename, and organize as needed.

The sync allows you to have the same bookmarks on multiple computers, and on any computer you use, even if it’s not yours. When you open Chrome and login, you get your bookmarks downloaded from Google.