Transferring my Google Chrome bookmarks

At work I have two computers full of bookmarks that represent hundreds of hours of web surfing and general slacking. We’re getting new computers though and I’d like to transfer them off the old ones.

Is there an easy way to do it?

Chrome exports its bookmarks as an html file, which you can transfer to a flashdrive and then reload once the new machine is in place. Click on the spanner, then Bookmark Manager, then under Organize you’ll find Export Bookmarks.


If you’ve got a gmail account, you can synchronise your bookmarks via that.

Thank you.

‘Spanner’…heh, that year studying in England still pays off.

Xmarks can let you sync bookmarks between browsers. It’s more than what you need right now, but I find it very convenient for keeping my bookmarks organized between multiple computers.

Not necessary. Chrome has built-in syncing capabilities.

EDIT: Missed “between browsers”. Not sure if the OP means between Chrome and something else, but that’s obviously something the built-in Chrome sync can’t do.