'Will & Grace' & A Baby

Debra Messing is going to be a mommy.

Messing, who plays Grace on NBC’s “Will and Grace,” and her husband, screenwriter Daniel Zelman, will become parents next summer. The pair have been married three years.

The network isn’t saying if “Will and Grace” will work the pregnancy into the show, use the big belly as part of the storyline or simply have Messing wear a lot of big coats and hide her mid-section behind props.

I hope they don’t have her hide the pregnancy like Daphney on Frasier. Remember when they just claimed she “was fat?”

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Aw, c’mon, ‘if’ they’ll work it in? A baby / pregnancy is always good for ratings. I know it sounds crass, but track record shows that many a TV series has looked to just this sort of thing to write episodes around.

I was wondering why Daphne got so fat.

I guessed she was pregnant when, in the last episode, she was bedridden with food poisoning and under covers. Also the plot has her leaving with Leo for six months to go some third world Doctors Without Borders outpost.

Actually, I think it’d be a hoot if they decide to continue to hide the pregnancy, but do so in a wink-at-the-audience cheesy way. In every shot, there just happens to be some bizarre object blocking the view of her tummy. And every time she moves, something else moves in such a way to keep blocking the shot. Fun.


Bah, maybe good for ratings, but long term? Think of the Rachel (Friends) baby. Season 10 isn’t hammering it out…
Think of the Murphy Brown baby! Just like a real baby, they take away the attention of the older, funnier siblings (Joey).

Well they had the whole story of her wanting to have a baby with Will, so why not just give her a baby in wedlock on the show?

Plus, she’s so slight that you’d notice a growing belly pretty soon.