Will Hillary run as an independent?

Could even she be that die-hard determined to get into the White House? Or will she hope for a McCain victory and another shot in 2012?

We did this last month. HRC as an independent

An even more interesting question is what would Obama do if she did, for whatever reason, choose to run as an Independent. No doubt that her being on the ballot would split the Democratic vote – maybe not enough to win her a state, but enough to swing the election to McCain.

If she was hell-bent on running Independently, would Obama pull out of the race rather than ensure a McCain victory? Or would he prefer a McCain victory to a Clinton victory?


This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

She’d do it if you’d pay for it.

No, no, a million times no. Who do you think she is, Joe Lieberman?

Really? I thought the party line was that Clinton is driven by her insane lust for power. And that she’s acquired hundreds of millions from her underhanded schemes. So why would she give up any hope of future power for another pile of something she’s already got plenty of?

Where woulod she get the money.

On TV (Keith Olbermann or Hardball)) today the word was she owes $25 million and she’s gonna hit Obama for it as a bribeto pay the bills and in return she’s getting out of the race.

If I were Barack, I’d say, "Hillary, why don’t you ask all your hard working white folks for the money?

Want even better knews?"

Newt Gingrich says the GOP is in the toilet - unless the party gets behind real change,

Read his take at


Might sound too good to be true.