Will I get lynched for anglicizing?

While my pronounciation of French is usually pretty good, occasionally I screw up, and since I’m going on the French exchange in April, my friends always tell me that I’ll get laughed at a lot when I attempt to speak French in France. However, my partner often Francosizes English words, and it doesn’t bother anyone I know…

Are people just trying to scare me, or is anglisizing French much more horrible than Francosizing English?

Speak French, no matter how bad. Most people will appreciate the effort and although they might laugh at your pronounciation, it’s better than being thought rude for forcing them to speak English :slight_smile:

Nobody laughed at my horrible French, at least not to my face. Of course, I hung out with a lot of guys who thought I was cute… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that while anglicized French has its perils, francosized English can be disastrous too, and I have a story to illustrate:

When Charles de Gaulle left his post as President of France, a British reporter asked Mme. de Gaulle, “Now that your husband is retiring, what are you looking forward to most?”

Mme. de Gaulle replied graciously, “A penis.”

The reporter was stunned. De Gaulle gently said to his wife, “My dear, in English it is pronounced ‘happiness.’”