Will I really use the video on a new ipod?

I’m going to be replacing my ipod nano this year. Looks like I’m going to have to get one with video. Am I ever going to use the video feature? I use my ipod in the gym, while hiking, and sometimes in the car. None of those situations allows me to look at video.

So, once I get an ipod with video will I discover what I’ve been missing? Or, is video a useless feature? I do listen to quite a few podcasts.

Its nice on an airplane. My kids use the video on the iPod during car rides…

I have an iPhone and I NEVER actually play videos on it. Use the Internet, yes, but I’ve never felt the need to watch a video on a little tiny screen.

My wife records TV using EyeTV and then exports it to the iPod for use at the gym. She loves it.

I put short 10 minute videos on mine to watch during lunch. I never thought I would use it either until I got one that plays video. Now I do find the occasional times when it comes in handy.

I use my iPod Touch to view video (movies) at the gym on the cardio machines. Put it on the little shelf that is designed for magazine/books, and it really makes the time go faster. I also use it while traveling.

I’ve had a video iPod for 2+ years (it was a workplace gift), and I think I’ve watched video on it maybe 2 times. I use it for music constantly, and it plugs into my car. But for video? meh.

Ditto, on both. An episode of West Wing comes in at 42 minutes, which is just about the perfect amount of time for me to do cardio. And, they’re great on airplanes or when I’m stuck in a hotel with nothing on.

I have an iPhone and watch music videos on it all the time. I’ve never felt the urge to watch a movie on it, though.

Vox Imperatoris

I rented a movie from iTunes for my last plane trip - looked great on the iPhone screen. I don’t think I would do it regularly, but it was handy. With the book reading app, the video functionality, web browsing, games, music and of course, phone, it’s great to have an all-in-one device. I just wish it took slightly better pictures, it would be perfect!

To me it’s a nice feature to have once in a while… and if you really don’t use the video much, it just means that much more storage for music, and a fancier display for the playlist.

I download a lot of podcasts, and I’ve ended up downloading video podcasts and listening to the audio while commuting. You can include videos and movies in audio playlists, and it will only play that part.

I use mine all the time, but then I got it with the express intention of using it for all of my traveling. I find I rarely use it on a commercial plane, since there’s always a movie or something else to occupy me. But on my military aircraft and in the countries I visit, there’s not much to do during the downtime, and nothing on the TV (if there even is one) is in English. Those videos go a long way to passing the boredom.

When I bought the latest Hulk movie this weekend, it included a DVD with a digital version for copying to iPhones and the like. If this isn’t a fluke, it will likely be wildy popular.